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    Let's face it; what makes us crave pizza isn’t the toppings or the crust. It's that delicious interplay between warm, tangy sauce and creamy, melted cheese. That's what you get in this dip; plus, you can use an oven bag to eliminate cleanup hassles, which is great when you just absolutely have to have pizza NOW but don’t want to deal with the mess of making it yourself.

    You can serve this with the parmesan breadsticks recipe included below, but if you're avoiding carbs or entertaining people who avoid gluten, pepper strips or zucchini slices would make yummy dippers as well. This would be a great hot dip to bring to a party or office potluck as well, since you can bring everything already mixed in the bag, carried in the dish you'll use to serve. Just heat it up when you get there and you have a no-hassle appetizer.

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    Football season is upon us, which means that our family is again on the hunt for the perfect wing recipe. We've tried them fried, seasoned, sweet and sour. You name it; we gave it a try in our test kitchen (which means I'm cooking and the kids are eating).

    But this recipe for peanut sesame chicken wings gave us something new -- a Thai-inspired flavor with a bit of a kick. They were a hit! Thank goodness, because our team lost last weekend. At least we had the wings. Here's how you make them.

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    If you had to throw a summer backyard party, what would be your top five menu items. Ack -- are you drawing a blank? Trying to remember that stuff you had that one time at whatshername's place? Trying to think of something you actually feel like eating when it's hot outside? (So maybe not that artichoke spinach dip you've been eating all winter ...) Well we've got you. Here's a collection of go-to summer party appetizers that are easy to whip up and serve. We've got treats for all kinds, adults and kids.

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    Cinco de Mayo is upon us, how better to celebrate than by whipping up a plate of delicious nachos?! It's easy to write off cooking up this killer app at home. All the ingredients make it seem like it might be more than a little time-consuming. Plus, the last thing we want to do with spring finally upon us is turn on the oven, right?

    Thankfully, these delicious 5-minute nachos don't even involve your oven. Added bonus? The whole 'it only takes 5 minutes' part. In terms of prep, you're looking at virtually nothing. This recipe mainly includes things you've probably already got hanging around the house. That said, if you want to spice things up and add more (or less), that's up to you. The only thing cooler than how fast and easy these nachos are is how flexible the recipe is. Read on and then go get your yum on! 

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    Easter is just around the corner, and Pinterest is brimming with fun kid-friendly potluck recipes to try. I couldn't resist the colorful spin on the traditional deviled eggs of these Jello flavored deviled eggs, and I quickly got to work!

    This could be a great after-school treat, a fun dessert, or even a great addition to our Easter brunch spread.

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    Far out, season 7 of Mad Men premieres this weekend. Lay it on me, man! Are you ready? If you're plannin' on jammin' with some friends while you watch, we've got your scene right here. Dig it: Nothing too complicated, just groovy munchies and tunes. Here are some recipes and suggestions to make your Mad Men viewing party outta sight! Do you want me to stop talking this way? No way, Jose! Okay, fine. Here's your party guide. 

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    When I saw it, I knew I had to have it: A pink striped ombre birthday cake from the Daily Candy. Ombre, or color that gets progressively darker or lighter, is a trend that shows no sign of leaving us anytime soon. In cake form, it's so pretty, and I could picture exactly how to make it -- maybe with just a few minor tweaks to make it easier to pull off. Here's our version of the cake: Four layers using whipped cream instead of frosting. Think this looks too complicated to pull off? No way! It's actually a lot easier than you'd think. I'll show you how.

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    Today officially marks our 4th birthday and we're celebrating with some much-needed treats! For our last birthday giveaway, four lucky winners will receive $100 gift cards: $50 to Dunkin' Donuts and $50 to Baskin-Robbins.

    So go ahead, order that ice cream cake, some donuts, and come cool refreshments and let's toast to our anniversary! Better yet, both Dunkin' Donuts and Baskin-Robbins have birthday clubs (how perfect, right?), so you can get a free medium beverage and a free scoop of ice cream on your own birthday.

    Now that sounds like a perfect party to us!

    To enter for a chance to win one of the four $100 gift card bundles from Dunkin' Donuts and Baskin-Robbins, simply tell me:

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    When it comes to Pringles Potato Chips, there is a popular saying that even those with only a passing familiarity of the brand know. You know it, say it with me: Once you pop, the fun don't stop. Those infamous, stackable chips live up to their hype. Tasty and uniquely packaged, they are hard to forget and even harder to put to one side when snack time ends.

    Their cyclindrical canisters are part of what makes them just so memorable. Now you can keep your Pringles containers around without looking like a hoarder! Seriously, with a little bit of cleanup, some inspiration, and imagination, Pringles cannisters are among the easiest household 'trash' that can be reused as treasure.

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    The following is a post from our sponsor, SavingStar.

    I’m a party girl. Always have been. Always will be.

    And once I grew up and got a house of my own, I vowed to have a big party every year. Sometimes it’s a holiday party, sometimes it’s a birthday party, sometimes it’s a backyard barbecue. And sometimes, when I’m feeling really industrious, I’ll have all three.

    But parties can be your own worst enemy, financially.

    If you’re anything like me, you still have that frat party mentality -- the more, the merrier. I start by inviting 40 of our closest friends, then add the peripheral 20, then another 10, then 5 or 6 more that I barely even know. Just in case. After all, there’s nothing worse than throwing a party when no one comes.

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