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    Whether procrastination got the best of you this holiday season or you just remembered today that Uncle Tony and Aunt Sally will be in town on Christmas Day, there's still time to scoop up some excellent gifts, whatever your needs. 

    First off, though, don't freak out. That's the number one rule when last-minute holiday shopping. Just breathe and don't freak out.

    Now, simply keep reading for some awesome, last-minute gift ideas from your friends at The Prowl. All of our ideas are fast, easy to come by, and won't require you to step foot in a shopping mall.


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    (Target, $17.99)If you're still searching for the perfect hostess gift, then look no further. Over at The Prowl, we know that small gifts can go a long way when you want to show the hostess your appreciation. That's why we rounded up some of the prettiest and most affordable hostess gifts, which all cost $20 or less. These may be wallet-friendly gifts, though they look anything but cheap. It doesn't take a lot of money to buy something chic that the hostess will love. 

    Check out this preview of affordable hostess gifts, then head to The Prowl for even more chic gifts under $20!

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    We've all been there: Stuck in the mall -- or staring in front of your computer screen -- unsure of what gifts to buy certain loved ones. Beauty gifts are always a great, even last-minute fallback for your mom, sister, girlfriends, etc., but it's easy to wonder what's actually worth the splurge? Your best bet: Multi-tasking beauty products that could cover all different bases! They're practical and pampering. So much so that you might want to give a few of 'em to yourself!

    Here, 7 super-powered beauty products that don't just get rave reviews but also pack a multi-functional punch ...

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    (Party Bucket, Pottery Barn, $129)Busy holiday planning is in full swing right now. If you think you might lose it if you have to walk down another toy store aisle, don't! We have cocktail essentials and holiday entertaining must-haves to take your mind off all that kid stuff. So don't think about all those unwrapped gifts right now. Instead, get holiday party-inspired!

    Over at The Prowl, we rounded up the niftiest cocktail tools so you can make drinks like a pro for your guests. Then, when it's time to sit down for dinner, give your cooking the presentation it deserves with a fabulous tabletop. Hosting a holiday gathering is a lot of work, even if you go the potluck route -- however, with the right entertaining gadgets and serveware, playing hostess can be fun!

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    Want to hear something that's really going to get you into the holiday spirit and make you believe in the magic of the season again? Well, it's impossible not to feel all warm and fuzzy after hearing about a 6-year-old boy who asked Santa for a prosthetic arm -- just so he can play the Xbox like the rest of the kids his age.

    Christopher Kiezek was born without part of his left arm, and while the disability hasn't really hindered him too much in life -- he isn't able to play video games. And if you have a child anywhere around his age, you know they're kind of all the rage right now.

    But sometimes there are gifts that are a little too tough for Santa to make in his toy shop, which is why a family friend of Christopher's stepped in to help.

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    If you have a hard-core gadget geek in your life -- then you know all too well just how tough it can be to find good gifts for him at Christmas. (Or birthdays or any other occasion for that matter.)

    Not only are tech-savvy dudes hard to impress -- they also typically already have every gadget under the sun, so it's difficult to find new and exciting stuff.

    But you're in luck this year -- because I asked the biggest gadget geek EVER (my husband) what would be on his wish list this year as far as cool electronics go.

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    Ahh ... Christmas. It's one of the few days out of the year where we get to sit back, relax, and enjoy quality time with our family -- usually beginning at a very early hour, I might add.

    And while most moms will probably agree that the holiday is more about our kids than anyone else -- we love finding something special under the tree on Christmas morning too.

    But to be honest, plenty of moms are totally over sweaters, jewelry, kitchen gadgets, and the like.

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    If you haven't already picked up a little something to give your child's teacher for the holiday season -- you might want to make a note to go shopping sometime this week. We only have a few more days until they're out of school until after the new year -- and waiting until the last minute to put teacher gifts together is never fun!

    But what should we buy for the wonderful people who make such a difference in our child's lives? We want them to know how much we appreciate them -- but the idea of getting them something they aren't going to like is really, really stressful.

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    The following is from our sponsor, SavingStar.

    Still have a few gifts to buy? No worries -- our suggestions will make your job easier. We’ve got delightfully unique stocking stuffers for everyone on your list!

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    Okay, you're thinking of giving a food gift, but you don't want to hand over a box of cheap drug store chocolate or, God forbid, one of those fruitcakes. You can do better than that! And I'm so glad you asked me for advice, because amazing, beautifully packaged food is something I spend a disturbing amount of time thinking about. Seriously, I have a problem. But my obsession can be your new gift list. Check out my picks for some of the best, most impressive food gifts you can give this year.

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