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    You want to lose weight and eat healthier. You're excited to make the changes you know you need to make. There is just one thing standing in your way. Actually, he may be standing in front of the fridge right now, grumbling about what he sees in there. It's your husband. Many of us have picky eater kids on our hands -- but some are lucky enough to have picky eater husbands too.

    I hear it all the time: Women try to cook a wide variety of healthy meals for their family. But when dads resist new foods too, it makes it a lot harder to convince the kids to stop being so picky. How do you get Mr. Meat-and-Potatoes to be a more adventurous eater?

    "Men really are actively interested in improving their health through nutrition," says clinical nutrition educator Clea Shannon. "They just need to know it's going to taste good." Okay ... easier said than done? Here are some expert tips on how you can seduce the finicky man in your life to try new foods.

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    Pizza is one of the most crowd-pleasing meals there is; you can customize it to deal with almost any diet restriction, individual preference, or degree of difficulty. However, it’s not especially impressive looking, but this twist on the pizza roll is.

    This recipe takes pizza ingredients like sausage, spinach, and cheese and wraps them in refrigerated dough, which you slice into pinwheels after baking. It makes a great-looking, simple appetizer or party nibble, or a fun family dinner (what kid doesn't like to dip?). It's as easy as making a traditional pizza, but with a fun visual twist.

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    "I'm hungry!" This is the constant rallying cry amongst my boys right around 4 p.m. It's a tough time because they should be hungry for a snack, yet dinner is so close, I don't want them to fill up. I also want to give them something wholesome and healthy and preferably not store bought.

    Sound like too much to ask? Nope! Just check out this easy to follow recipe for homemade animal graham crackers. I've made them a bunch of times, serving them up with a glass of milk and apple slices. I've been known to sneak a few myself with a morning cup of coffee. Shh ... don't tell! Here's how you make them:

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    So, I guess you could say that our family is crazy about potato chips. We just love them. And that's a problem because potato chips are anything but healthy. Especially when you read the calorie content on the back of the bag! I've long been searching for an alternative and I just might have found them in this recipe for baked sweet potato chips.

    You can eat them plain, toss on a bit of seasoning, or create a creamy dip with low fat Greek yogurt and chives. Yummy right? Serve them as a snack or alongside their favorite sandwiches. They also go great packed up and sent in a lunch bag for school. Here's how you make them:

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    Every day there's a new, supposedly healthy super food on grocery shelves promising you eternal youth -- or at least a trimmer figure. Some of those foods are actually legit. They really do deliver a high dose of powerful nutrients. Also? Most of them have been around forever, and you'll find them in the produce aisle. They're called fresh fruits and vegetables. You should try some!

    Womp, womp. But seriously, we're not judging you for trying out some of the trendy health foods out there. That can be fun. It's just that some of them are rip offs. You're shelling out a lot of money for food that doesn't actually do that much for you. Here are 6 health food rip offs you can cross off your grocery list.

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    What's in your hot dogs? Do you really want to know -- or is that one of those questions better not asked, like "What's that weird smell?" and "Am I pulling off these skinny jeans?" Just in case you're a wee bit curious, we're pulling back the curtain on these mystery sausages. You'll find meat in hot dogs, that is for certain. But you'll also find these 7 ingredients in most mass-produced hot dogs. Do you dare find out?

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    It's official: Yogurt is dessert. I know we all talk about it like it's a health food. We're all, nom nom love me some acidophilus as we spoon it in, imagining that somewhere a nutrition angel just got her wings because of our virtual choice of snack. But we're forgetting one thing: Yogurt is loaded with sugar. Well, most flavored varieties are. In fact, some yogurts have more sugar than a Twinkie. That would be 19 grams -- and by the way, the American Heart Association recommends women consume no more than 20 grams of sugar a day.

    Obviously eating a sugar-laden yogurt is still way better for you than eating a Twinkie. At least with the yogurt, you're also getting calcium and other nutrients. But still, wouldn't you like to know which yogurts are low in sugar? I would. Here are 9 varieties of yogurt that have less sugar than a Twinkie but still taste great.

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    I have a lunch problem. I'm so busy during the day, from working and taking care of my family's needs, that my midday meal is often an afterthought. Before my daughter went off to school, I always made sure we had a tasty and healthy lunch. But now that I'm all by my lonesome, not only has remembering to eat been an issue, but finding good, fast, nutritious meals has been a challenge.

    In honor of ALL busy (and hungry) moms out there, here are 5 quick lunches that taste so much better than they sound.

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    We all know what you're supposed to do if you want to lose weight and live healthy: Eat less and exercise. Calorie in, calorie out. It's that simple. Except -- it's not that simple, or we wouldn't be floundering in a tidal wave of type-2 diabetes and other lifestyle-related diseases. Two generations ago losing weight was all about saturated fat and will power

    Now there's a new culprit on the menu. It could be responsible for the so-called obesity epidemic. And you may be powerless against it. Meet the most addictive drug on the market, the toxin you should be most worried about: Sugar. That's according to a new documentary out Friday, Fed Up.

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    Quick, tell me what gluten is. No Google peeking! What is gluten, exactly? Maybe that's an easy one for you, but when people were interviewed for the Jimmy Kimmel Live show, they came up with the most ridiculous responses, or non-responses, to that question I've ever heard. Holy dinner rolls, nobody has even the foggiest notion of what the stuff is! Apparently we have some severe misconceptions about Big G. Maybe it's time we cleared up some of the biggest myths about gluten. How much do you know?

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