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    I know what you're thinking: ooh, a salad -- big whoop! Or maybe you're wondering what this side dish would go well with -- where's the beef/main event? Well, I'm here to tell you that my red meat-devouring husband wasn't just satisfied with this delicious Autumn Chopped Salad (along with a warm, hearty slice of baguette bread on the side), he was begging me for seconds. It boasts bacon and is a perfect mix of salty and sweet. And isn't it just about as pretty as an autumn wreath? 

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    If your mind automatically shifts to heavy meats and stews when the weather turns chilly, you may be missing out on all of the many delicious and tempting vegetarian fall options that make use of fantastically colorful and in-season veggies. This gorgeous and filling Winter Squash and Apple With Orzo dish, courtesy of Writing With My Mouth Full, is simple to make and features all of the usual autumn vegetable and fruit suspects, like acorn squash, sweet potatoes, and apples

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    It's been an emotionally gruelling couple of days for many of us. When senseless violence like the bombings in Boston erupts I find myself grasping for comfort, for anything that makes my life feel safe, stable, and nurturing. Last night when I got home from work I hugged my son. And then I went right into the kitchen and made bean burritos. They were exactly what I needed.

    Later that night I happened to see a video of a food writer I follow, Jennifer Perillo. Jennie talks about why she cooks -- to seek refuge, to inspire, and to remember. She's survived her own tragedy -- and she's found her comfort and resilience in her kitchen.

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    I love strawberries. And I love nachos. But I wouldn't think to put the two together. And yet, strawberry nachos are an idea whose time has come. These are nachos made with sweet, homemade flour tortilla crisps and a strawberry dessert sauce. This brilliant Strawberry Nachos recipe is by Cheryl D. Lee of the blog Black Girl Chef's Whites. Check out her original blog for a photo tutorial on those tortilla crisps. We've got the recipe below. Can't you just taste those light, crunchy "chips" with that decadent sauce?

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    Are you a fan of meat? Or just eating as if you lived like a caveman, which means, meat? Then perhaps you've been tempted to try the Paleo diet, which cuts out anything (most anything) that was not around during the time period pre-processed foods. On the surface, this sounds kind of good. Processed foods are the devil! Ditch processed foods!

    Here's what else you have to avoid on the Paleo diet: Refined sugars, starchy vegetables like potatoes, grains, legumes, dairy, some oils, and some people cut out alcohol. So we're kind of talking about the Atkins diet but with even more restrictions.

    Personally, I couldn't do it but I know people who have and they seem to love it. Like this blogger and diabetic, Steve Cooksey who is being threatened with jail time for advocating the Paleo way of life. Seems like an extreme reaction to a diet you don't like, right?

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    If you had to choose a last meal, what would it be? I'm leaning towards fried chicken, donuts, ice cream, and mashed potatoes. However, I'm hoping that I don't ever find myself in the position that the people who ate these last meals did: These are the last meals of criminals about to be executed.

    In a fascinating choice, artist Henry Hargreaves re-created the requested last meals of some of the most heinous criminals before they faced execution. At first glance, I see piles of mouth-watering food. Then as you take a look to the right you realize that it's the meal enjoyed by someone convicted of necrophilia, prison escape, rape, and over 35 counts of murder. Staring down to an artfully arranged breakfast of steak and eggs, hash browns, juice and coffee enjoyed by Ted Bundy just made me completely nauseated.

    Of course, that may be the point.

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    Yet another blow to Paula Deen. I've been trying hard not to jump on the anti-Paula bandwagon and show some compassion and perspective, but she's made it awfully hard. And it looks like I'm not the only one struggling over my feelings for the Queen of Butter. Her publicist has quit!

    Nancy Assuncao, Paula's top publicist, told the Daily News she just couldn't get behind her client's latest enterprise. She gave her notice back in October when she first heard about Paula's deal with diabetes drug Victoza. "I couldn’t understand why they thought this was really good for the brand. I’ve been in this business for 34 years, and I just didn’t see it.” All I can think now, is, when your publicist quits on you it's time to re-evaluate your plan.

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    Congratulations to Colin Hagendorf, who just succeeded at eating at every single pizza place in Manhattan -- and blogged about it, too! That's 362 pizza joints in 2 1/2 years -- which divides into .... (doing some math, oh never mind) not a pizza slice a day, thank goodness. But it's still a whole lotta pizza, you know what I'm sayin'?

    Colin even came up with a rating system, from 1 (bad) to 8 (phenomenal). But the real feat was finding new ways to describe pizza. He actually came up with some creative comparisons -- like the Freddy Krueger, for pizza so burned, it's disfigured. Call me a time-waster, but I could easily spend the rest of the afternoon reading Colin's spit-take-hilarious pizza descriptions.

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    Rarely is there an invention in the food world that gets me really, super duper excited. Maybe it's because my palate is, like, totally unsophisticated or, like, whatever, but I'm sorry, grapefruit foam and flavored soups developed by a brain surgeon just don't get my juices flowing. HOWEVER. However. I have just stumbled upon a game-changer in the food world, and I'm beyond thrilled. They're called pizza cones, and ladies and gents?

    I think I'm in love.

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    Until yesterday I didn't own a Crock-Pot. Besides some chili-cheese dip my mom made during football games and perhaps some little cocktail hot dogs, I'm not sure I'd really eaten much out of one either, but suddenly I felt a strong need to head out and buy one largely due to a new Facebook site that launched -- Crock Pot Girls.

    I saw a friend on Facebook friend the page, and so I did too just to see what they posted. I think they had about 200,000 followers when I clicked "like." Suddenly I noticed that all my friends were becoming followers, and the next thing you know, I looked and they had more than 1 million followers. As I write this, the page (which launched August 19) has 1,143,163 likes. That's a lot of Crock-Pot love.

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