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    Summer is just around the corner (Please?? Hurry!!) and you know what that means. Yep. Lots of sweat. Lots of running around, carrying the groceries in one arm, the kid in the other, with the dog tied around your ankle. It's important to keep yourself hydrated during the soaring temps.

    Here's are 5 quick, easy, and quenchable recipes from FitSugar and others that will have your skin glowing, your insides sloshing, and your energy level raging like a white-capped river.

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    Are you a fan of meat? Or just eating as if you lived like a caveman, which means, meat? Then perhaps you've been tempted to try the Paleo diet, which cuts out anything (most anything) that was not around during the time period pre-processed foods. On the surface, this sounds kind of good. Processed foods are the devil! Ditch processed foods!

    Here's what else you have to avoid on the Paleo diet: Refined sugars, starchy vegetables like potatoes, grains, legumes, dairy, some oils, and some people cut out alcohol. So we're kind of talking about the Atkins diet but with even more restrictions.

    Personally, I couldn't do it but I know people who have and they seem to love it. Like this blogger and diabetic, Steve Cooksey who is being threatened with jail time for advocating the Paleo way of life. Seems like an extreme reaction to a diet you don't like, right?

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    The Dream TeamIf you had told me that this week would bring the news that both chocolate and coffee can help you lose weight, I would have slapped you and called you a liar. Yet it's true! Hooray!

    I love me some coffee. Probably too much, if my Peet's bill is any indication. So when I heard about this study that connects weight loss with green coffee beans, I ran and asked my barista for a cup. Unfortunately, I'm totally on the wrong track, as green coffee beans mean unroasted. Which means, no coffee for you, fatty.

    Naturally my next question is, can I get those green coffee beans chocolate covered? No? Okay, what if I do this --

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    Bust out the Jiffy Pop, everyone! Apparently there is new nutritional information on a snack food that will make you feel good about that midday trip to the microwave. Almost as exciting as when we were told dark chocolate is good for you, this news that popcorn contains antioxidants like those found in fruit is incredibly exciting. I, for one, would much rather eat popcorn than fruit as it satisfies my salty cravings. Also, much neater.

    Of course plain old popcorn will get old if you chow down on it every day. Why not trick out your popcorn snack, and try these three options the next time you pop?

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  • 3 Foods to Make Your Headache Disappear

    posted by April Peveteaux January 30, 2012 at 4:45 PM in Food & Party
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    Migraine alert! Ugh, it's one of those days when nothing I can do, take, or drink is getting rid of my headache. Water? Check. Copious amounts of coffee? Check. Overdosing on Tylenol? Double check. So clearly I need to look to the healing powers of food. I was thinking cheeseburger, but when I started digging around, it turns out not so much.

    Of course you know the big three foods that can get you into this headache mess in the first place, right? You should avoid chocolate, red wine, and dairy products if you also want to avoid a migraine. It's so sad that you can't have the three greatest foods in the world for fear of migraine, but there you have it.

    Luckily, if you did indulge in any of the above last night, or you just can't Tylenol that ache away, there are other foods to try and see if they don't put a dent in your headache. Here are three!

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    If you're just trying your hand at going meatless on Monday, or if you've been with this meat-free movement for awhile, you may be wondering what the heck to serve up every Monday if you're used to the protein and side meal combination. The idea behind Meatless Mondays is that you are eating in a more sustainable fashion, as well as being healthier. Even one day out of the week that you don't eat meat lowers production and environmental costs in the world.

    Sure this idea is big, but the execution can be quite simple. That is, if you plan ahead and go the grocery store over the weekend and load up on delicious options.

    There are actually a few different ways you can tackle your Meatless Monday menu and keep everyone satisfied. Here are four that do the trick in eating more responsibly for one day of the week.

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    We all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day (you've heard this before, right?). We also know that sitting down together for a meal with your kids is crucial to staying connected, informed, and close. After all, everyone's defenses are down as they stuff their faces with delicious food.

    Even though breakfast can be a rush job when you're trying to get everyone out the door, you have enough time to bond over bagels. You just need to know the right questions to ask your kids in order to get the most information in the shortest amount of time. If you're looking for a quicker, better, more entertaining way to communicate with those guys, try these five questions out on your kids at breakfast tomorrow.

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    Mmm, BRAIN FOOD! Food for zombies? No, food that feeds your brain! A recent report shows that people who eat baked or broiled fish at least once a week may be protecting their brains against Alzheimer's and other brain problems. Eating fish regularly is key to brain health.

    There's a good New Year's resolution: Eat fish once a week. Right... except fish can be awfully expensive. And what about all the mercury some fish carry around with them? Well good news -- getting fish on your table every week doesn't have to bust your grocery budget. Here are 6 affordable ways to enjoy Brain Food in 2012.

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    If you or someone in your household have yet to catch this season's flu or one of the many colds going around, you know it's coming. While we all just want to crawl into bed and cover up until it goes away, it's seriously important to get your vitamins and keep up your strength when fighting off these nasty bugs.

    Unfortunately cookies and chocolate bars won't do the trick, so instead you're going to have to plan ahead. Soup is always a great warm-up in the winter weather, and many of them contain cold and flu elixirs that will make you feel better in no time. So either stock up at your grocery store or have a soup-making weekend and freeze enough to thaw out when you find yourself sniffling and coughing.

    Here are the best soups for your health the next time you're knocked down with a cold or, worse, the flu. Pick it up, whip it up, or ask a kind soul to deliver these 7 soups to your door.

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    It's here everybody, the dreaded cold and flu season. So as you stay indoors, breathing other people's air, touching doorknobs, elevator buttons, wiping noses, and generally getting all germy, you're going to want to work on your defense. Since your best defense is always a good offense, it's time to get proactive and eat your way to great health.

    While there may not be any magic food that can kill every germ, here is a list of the best foods that can help your body fight off the cold and flu, before it attacks.

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