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    Few foods seem as perfect for springtime and the start of baseball season as juicy hot dogs with all the trimmings on top. But you may want to hold off on indulging in the all-American food tradition until you read this. Kraft Foods Group is recalling 96,000 pounds of Oscar Mayer Classic Wieners because of a possible mix-up in labeling in which some packages may contain Classic Cheese Dogs.

    The cheese dogs are made with milk -- which could cause an allergic reaction in some people who assume they are about to sink their teeth into a plain hot dog.

    Here are all of the details you'll need to know to stay safe.

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    Easter is almost here, and while many of us are planning our celebratory meal, dessert is often an afterthought. After cooking up a feast for your family, you often just don't have the time or the energy to spend making a festive dessert. I know I don't!

    But here's the thing: Many of us don't want to buy something from our local bakery this Easter. We want to present something with a personal touch. In honor of bunnies, Easter eggs, and time better spent being with family than baking, here are 5 super easy and sweet Easter desserts that make a great holiday dinner finale. 

    Are you going to make a special Easter dessert this year, and if so, any ideas?

    Image via Elliot Volkman/Flickr

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    I don't know about you guys, but picking breakfast every morning is beyond difficult. Between the time crunch and the need for an on-the-go and healthy snack, it means that choosing the first meal of the day is always a challenge.

    So to make your breakfast choices even easier, we've put together a delicious, and healthy, box of treats from Nature Valley. One lucky winner will come away with 10 special products, two boxes of each: cranberry almond protein granola, honey breakfast biscuits, blueberry breakfast biscuits, mixed berry Greek yogurt protein bars, and strawberry Greek yogurt protein bars.

    To enter for a chance to win the bundle, let us know:

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    You don't have to be a foodie to cook from scratch. I'm living proof. Look at me -- I'm a slob with zero culinary training who has nearly taken off her entire hand while slicing a bagel, and even I can do it. Like so many things, I started ditching the mixes and cooking from scratch out of laziness. It was the happiest of accidents, as most things combining good food and sloth are.

    I'd really wanted to make cookies. Peanut butter cookies. Now I recognize that making cookies from scratch isn't a big deal, and if I'd wanted to make fancy, delicious, home-baked cookies, I could have. But that wasn't the taste or experience I craved. I wanted a hot, junk-food-tasting peanut butter cookie, the kind that comes in a tube, and I wanted it NOW.

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    It's Passover once again (you can tell because I've been frantically searching for the afikoman 24/7). Traditionally, during this Jewish holy season, only unleavened bread can be eaten. That's right, bid bye-bye to all your floury treats -- smell ya later, cake! For lo, it's time to celebrate the Israelites' freedom from Egyptian slavery.

    It might be a solemn celebration, but that doesn't mean you need to deny yourself (or the loved ones gathered around the table) a proper and delicious feast. You've tasted the bitter herb, and now it's time for something scrumptious.

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    A woman is suing Subway after one of its employees wrote something pretty awful on her order. Allison Brown was not expecting to be the butt of a cruel joke about her size when she went there to buy lunch for her family. But that's exactly what happened. 

    Brown looked down at her food and saw that a worker had written "Big Mama" on one box. She was absolutely gutted -- can you imagine what that would feel like? The last thing she wanted to do after seeing that was eat anything, she said.

    She went back to the Subway in question and spoke to the store's manager about the incident. He promised to make everything right -- but then, according to Brown, he stopped returning her calls. 

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    Easter is just around the corner, and Pinterest is brimming with fun kid-friendly potluck recipes to try. I couldn't resist the colorful spin on the traditional deviled eggs of these Jello flavored deviled eggs, and I quickly got to work!

    This could be a great after-school treat, a fun dessert, or even a great addition to our Easter brunch spread.

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    Four former college students who interned for Taco Bell's ad agency in the 1990s are pretty peeved these days. They claim the fast food chain restaurant didn't come up with the brilliant idea to fuse delicious Doritos with delicious taco shells -- they did. They say they entered a competition at the agency in 1995 and pitched the idea to create a taco shell made from Doritos chips. Their suggestions included naming it "Doritos Tacos" -- so much for originality -- charging 79 cents per taco, and hiring former Friends star Matthew Perry to star in advertisements. One intern even says the two flavors they pitched -- Nacho Cheese and Cool Ranch -- were the exact flavors Taco Bell ended up using.

    Um, 17 years later, that is.

    It seems the world just wasn't ready for such explosive flavors back in the '90s. Taco Bell waited nearly two decades to introduce its Doritos awesomeness -- but that fact hasn't kept the interns from insisting they deserve some credit.

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    You can breathe easily knowing this story does NOT involve a school, students, and guns or violence -- thank goodness -- but the details will still leave you scratching your head.

    A Colorado K-12 school was evacuated when 30 students and a teacher's aide returned to the building after recess reporting eye and skin irritations that resembled allergic reactions. When investigators inspected the area outside of the school grounds, they didn't find pepper spray or a toxic fertilizer -- they discovered six habanero peppers thrown into a bunch of wood chips near the playground. The little suckers caused a whole lot of chaos, and nobody has a clue how or why they were there.

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    There are three things parents hate hearing from the back seat during a road trip. 1. Are we there yet? 2. I have to pee NOW. And 3. I'm hungry. I can't help you with the first two, but if you're looking for snacks, I've got some ideas for you. And they're all pretty healthy! Healthy but tasty. Your kids will love munching away on these road tripping snacks so much they won't even notice they're actually kind of good for them.

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