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    When it comes to fast food, do two wrongs make a right? A man who was having a bad day bought 23 apple pies just to spite the 5-year-old boy and mother standing in line behind him at Burger King. That sounds like a mean thing to do, but some people think he was justified. According to the man, the boy was throwing a tantrum while his mother talked on her cellphone. And the man had a headache coming on.

    We all have bad days. Was this case of apple pie hoarding justified? Did anyone learn anything from this episode? The Pie Pirate described on Reddit his ordeal with the mother and child behind him.

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    You love the fast casual Mexican restaurant Chipotle. I love the fast casual Mexican restaurant Chipotle. But don't you ever think to yourself, "Self, I sure wish I knew more about Chipotle so I can maximize my deliciousness there." Well today is your lucky day, readers! In a riveting Reddit thread, one Chipotle employee answers questions and reveals all kinds of secrets about this beloved burrito bar. We've read through it and culled 8 important Chipotle facts that could change the way you eat. Plus! We grabbed two recipes you really cannot live without.

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    You will find American-style fast food in nearly every corner of the globe these days. Just yesterday a friend of mine was telling me she saw a Starbucks on her trip to Cairo, Egypt. And you're guaranteed to see a McDonald's pretty much everywhere you go ... just don't expect the exact same menu. While the appeal of US fast food is spreading, many fast food restaurants also like to cater to local tastes, often in mind-boggling ways. You have to see what they're calling a burger around the world. You'll wish some of these were sold here, too.

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    Moustaches are so hot right now. Seriously, they are all the rage. The people who love them do so with ferocity. The people who dislike like them do so with intensity. And because of this, moustaches are SO HOT RIGHT NOW.

    I get wooed in by trends. I like hair. I like to shop. But I can't grow a moustache. I'm a woman. Though talk to me about a slight peach fuzzy lady beard and we may have something. 7-11 created something just for me. Not specifically me really since if they are going to do that they have to change their watermelon slurpee formula, but they made moustache straws that fit into pretty mason jars just for your slurping enjoyment. And of course people are hating all over them calling them some sad attempt at getting the hipsters excited, accusing them of jumping on the moustache bandwagon, rolling their eyes at this marketing attempt. As for me? I think it's the best thing 7-11's done in a long time. I went. Purchased mine, and here are the results.

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    I have an eating problem: I can be a bit sloppy. Burritos explode on me, I get cupcake frosting on my nose every time, and don't even get me started on eating salad in public. (WTF are you supposed to do with those big leaves? Folding over with a fork is HARD.) And then there's eating hamburgers -- so messy! One bite from one end means an evacuation of tomato, mayo, and pickles out the other side of my burger. But it doesn't have to be this way. Through trial and error, I have found a few tricks to eating a hamburger the tidy way.

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    There's always been a special relationship between marijuana smoking and fast food. But you usually partake of one before the other. You don't use pot as a garnish, usually. But maybe that's a new food trend I just don't know about? An Iowa couple claims they found pot between the patties of a cheeseburger. And why they decided to complain about this rather than enjoy I'll never know -- oh, because the woman is pregnant! Yikes, what happened here exactly?

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    Are we all familiar with the term "hangry"? It's when you're so hungry, you're angry. HANGRY. We all get hangry sometimes, and that's why someone created this t-shirt reading "I'm sorry for what I said when I was hungry." But hangry is not why 911 was created. And yet, hangry people keep calling the emergency hotline when their food disappoints them. Just the other day Bevalente Michette Hall called 911 over her Subway "Flatizza" flatbread pizza.

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    And now! The answer! To the burning question that's been on all our minds! WHAT IS IN THE TACO BELL MEAT FILLING? Oh fine, maybe it's not such a burning question, and it actually hasn't been on my mind at all. But ever since an Alabama law firm claimed the seasoned beef filling at the fast food restaurant was composed of only 35 percent beef, the big bell has been scrambling to save its reputation. Behold, doubters: Taco Bell seasoned meat is 88 percent beef, the company stated this week. So away with your false aspersions of mystery meat!

    Wait -- 88 percent? What about the other 12 percent? There's still a mystery here. Well, haha, funny you should ask. Taco Bell has an explanation for that.

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    Fast food nutrition can be difficult. The snacks are always so good, which can blind us to those concerns. Where else can you grab your favorite ultra-savory or sweet treat in just seconds, and all for usually pretty decent prices? Not in my kitchen, that's for sure. I charge a premium rate for even toaster waffles. It's highway robbery.

    But it can be tough when you're ordering fast food to know what exactly is in what you're ordering. When we cook at home, it's so much easier to suss out how much of what we've used and do some quick math to let us know just how many calories and how much fat we're consuming. Sometimes with fast food, it can be a challenge.

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    Few foods seem as perfect for springtime and the start of baseball season as juicy hot dogs with all the trimmings on top. But you may want to hold off on indulging in the all-American food tradition until you read this. Kraft Foods Group is recalling 96,000 pounds of Oscar Mayer Classic Wieners because of a possible mix-up in labeling in which some packages may contain Classic Cheese Dogs.

    The cheese dogs are made with milk -- which could cause an allergic reaction in some people who assume they are about to sink their teeth into a plain hot dog.

    Here are all of the details you'll need to know to stay safe.

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