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    Happy July 11. It's a certain Stir staffer's birthday AND it's Free Slurpee Day at 7-Eleven stores! Because 7/11, that's why. Today the convenience store is giving away a free small Slurpee in any flavor to its customers. But wait, there's more! 7-Eleven is having a whole series of freebies for a week. Read on to get all the icy-cool, delicious details.

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    If you think the name "Bulletproof coffee" is weird, wait until you hear what is in this crazy hot drink that just keeps taking the world by storm. Butter. It's butter. Coffee. With butter.

    Sounds horrible, doesn't it? Well, according to entrepreneur David Asprey, the man behind this fad that just won't die, there is nothing weird about it at all. In fact, this is a discovery he made while traveling through Tibet where they brew this ish on the regular. He claims a cup of it rejuvenated him and changed his life and so he started a company based on it.

    It's literally a combination of coffee, butter (one or two tablespoons), and something called MCT oil. Devotees make all kinds of claims about the various ways it has helped them lose weight, eat less, and climb Everest (just kidding on the last part. Kind of.).

    More From The Stir: Coffee Made With Butter Could Be the Ultimate Weight Loss Secret ... Or a Big, Fat Lie

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    The video you're about to see contains graphic scenes of soda abuse. Sensitive viewers and lovers of cola may want to leave the room. I'm warning you, it's disturbing. Have you ever wondered what happens when you boil cola? One brave man dared to put this question to the test: Crazy Russian Hacker. He poured a 590-mL (20-ounce) bottle of cola into a pot and boiled it down to its essentials. Then, apparently out of a love of redundancy, he did the same thing with a liter bottle of cola. What he revealed could change the way you feel about your favorite drink. Are you ready?

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    Ladies, it's almost Mother's Day. Do you know what your guys are making you for breakfast? Now we know you don't like asking, and it's so much sweeter when our guys just think of these things all on their own. But it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world if, say, they turned on the computer and happened to see this handy list of romantic Mother's Day breakfast ideas, most of which are easy enough for even a beginner cook handle -- hello, I'm talking to YOU, man who just "stumbled" onto this post!

    No pressure, but these 10 breakfast ideas would rock your lady's world first thing in the morning. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is get up before she does (bwa hahaha, no really), tip-toe into the kitchen, prepare said breakfast, and present it to her on a tray while she's still in bed. Try and round up the kids while you're at it. Ready? Okay!

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    Everyone, May is just around the corner. Who here feels like celebrating? Well I have just the drinks for you, and here's a bonus. These drinks are all so gorgeous, I'm thinking we could even match our outfits with our cocktails. YES, that's probably the girliest thought I've ever entertained. And you know what? Cheers to that. Here's a dozen cocktails almost as pretty as you and your friends. Enjoy!

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    Fast food nutrition can be difficult. The snacks are always so good, which can blind us to those concerns. Where else can you grab your favorite ultra-savory or sweet treat in just seconds, and all for usually pretty decent prices? Not in my kitchen, that's for sure. I charge a premium rate for even toaster waffles. It's highway robbery.

    But it can be tough when you're ordering fast food to know what exactly is in what you're ordering. When we cook at home, it's so much easier to suss out how much of what we've used and do some quick math to let us know just how many calories and how much fat we're consuming. Sometimes with fast food, it can be a challenge.

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    You know that feeling you get when you want to make something traditional for Easter dinner, but a little bit different from last year, but not too different? Well lucky for you, there are endless varieties of glazes for baked ham! Here's one we thought looked especially tasty, this recipe for brown sugar-bourbon baked ham. While I think the bourbon sounds promising, there's another fun surprise ingredient you may be tempted to sip while you bake your ham ...

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    Not sure if you got the memo, but Mason Jars are totally in. This old-school canning vessel has been having a "moment" for a while now, and something about their unpretentious nature and simplicity makes it a well-deserved trend. One that is also affordable, and we always love affordable.

    I have to admit that I haven't done much with Mason jars beyond storing jams and pickles, but there is SO much more you can make in them -- from delicious desserts to foods to take with you on the road.

    Check out these 6 things you can use Mason jars for besides jam right here:

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    Have you ever gone inside a Starbucks and felt like something was missing? You know, the croissants are fine, the chocolate chip cookie soothes what ails you, and the caffeine is some of the strongest around, but something seems to be off...right? Well, even if you haven't felt this way, Starbucks was worried that one day you might. So they are completely overhauling their entire concept. Gone is the in-and-out coffee spot. In its place? A menu that includes wine, mac and cheese, and chocolate fondue! I will take seven of each, please and thank you. 

    They are calling these new nighttime options, 'Starbucks Evenings', and they've already begun a slow roll-out of these menu options at different locations throughout the country, though mostly on the West Coast. I've got to say, while I'm slightly skeptical, I love most of everything they do already. So why wouldn't I love this?

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    With spring just a few days away, it seems like we should be breaking out the barbecue and abandoning our favorite winter comfort foods. But not so fast! There's still a chill in the air, which is a good thing, because it means we have the perfect excuse to try this amazing, sumptuous recipe for Slow Cooker Coconut Hot Chocolate.

    Yes, you heard that right. Your Crock-Pot truly is the magical cooking tool that keeps giving. You probably already know how to whip up a mean beef stew in your slow cooker, but the rich flavors in hot, tasty beverages like this one are only intensified when you let them sit on low for a few hours. Mmmm ... kinda makes you yearn for a longer winter, doesn't it?

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