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    In the fall and winter, I love puttering around in my kitchen creating a cozy, home-cooked meal. But right now it's summer, and I cannot be bothered. Cannot! It's too beautiful outside, and when I'm not working, I'd rather be out playing. Who's with me? Oh, but we still have to eat.

    Just because I don't want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen doesn't mean I want to feed my family junk, though. So here are a few of my favorite quick, no-work summer recipes.

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    Wouldn't you love to open up your freezer and find it stocked with prepared meals that are ready to pop into the oven? It's one of those things you hear about people doing, cooking several meals and freezing them to save time later. And it's a brilliant idea. But where do you get started? Can you just whip up a giant lasagna and plop the thing in the freezer? We spoke with three home cooking experts to find out everything you need to know to freeze meals at home.

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    I love, love, love corn season. When I see the piles of bright green and yellow ears at my local market, I feel compelled to buy a bunch on the spot ... and I usually do.

    While there's something oh-so-perfect about a simple ear of corn with just butter and salt, there are a slew of more interesting things you can do with it. Now that it's in season, it's the perfect time to celebrate the favorite summer staple and have a little fun in the process.

    Check out these 6 tasty ways to prepare your fresh corn:


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    Between after-school activities and late nights at work, sitting down for a family dinner is an art form forever being perfected. Enter Laurie David, producer of the film An Inconvenient Truth and the just-released Fed Up who wrote The Family Cooks. She says making family dinners a priority can change everyone's lives for the better. 

    David, a single mom of two, says a communal dinner is essential if you want to raise healthy eaters.

    "Bring them [into the kitchen] and be patient," she suggests, "so that someday you can send them out in the world capable of cooking for themselves and happy to do so."

    David, who split from actor Larry David in 2007, says she knew she was doing something right when her girls didn't run away from the table the second they were done eating. She found dinner was the perfect time to catch up. A time for her family, if even just the three of them, to get closer.

    Read on for David's 9 tips for creating the perfect family dinner:

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    Frustrated by brown sugar that seems to harden hours after you get it home from the grocery store? You're not alone. Watching the clock tick the precious minutes of your life away while you wait for butter to soften? So not necessary. Even if you're a domestic diva, you probably wish some of the things you have to do in the kitchen in order to make a great meal possible weren't such a drag on your time. I mean, peeling garlic? Boooring.

    But there are ways you can fly through some of the more tedious cooking duties in order to get to the really fun part -- you know, where you can decorate lots of baked goodies just to have an excuse to lick frosting off a knife. Familiarize yourself with a few good kitchen hacks and use them.

    More from The Stir: 10 Kitchen Shortcuts Every Mom Should Have Up Her Sleeve

    Here are 10 kitchen shortcuts you can use to save oodles of time and even money.

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    I do this all the time because I don't have much choice: Make dinner in 15 minutes or less. You too? Gone are the days when I used to lovingly labor for 2 hours on a Turkish fish stew with pomegranates. Now I need to get something in front of my son pretty much the moment I walk into the door.

    Here are 5 of my favorite go-to dinner recipes, things I can whip up in a jiffy but that are still definitely homemade.

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    We all know that eating at home and grocery shopping saves you money, but ... do you really know how much money you are saving?

    We’ve all been there; you’re sitting at a restaurant and thinking, “Why am I spending so much? I can make this at home!” So, the next time you get a craving, instead of taking the whole family out, just make the dish yourself and you will save a ton.

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    How much do we love thick, rich, creamy Greek yogurt? We love it with granola, with fruit, with honey -- any time of the day. We love it so much, we went on a hunt for recipes featuring our favorite snack and turned up loads. Basically you can use it to make breakfast, lunch, or dinner, little bites, and even dessert. Here's 10 amazing recipes. The first three of these recipes are from The Greek Yogurt Kitchen by Toby Amidor.

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    The following is a post from our sponsor, Success® Rice.

    I used to have a lot of guilt about family dinner. Or the lack thereof. When I was growing up, my mother had dinner on the table every single night at 5:30 p.m. She always served a meat, a vegetable, and a starch. And we always had dessert. 

    I have one less kid than she did, but I’m also three times busier. While I don’t for a minute doubt that she had her busy days, she was a stay-at-home-mom from the get-go. She kept a clean house and drove us around and managed to play bridge with her friends once a month, but she didn’t have the pressures we have today. We are all working mothers both in the house and out, juggling multiple kids with multiple activities. I couldn’t imagine having a set dinner time, let alone a last-minute meal that included more than chicken nuggets or sandwiches.

    Somewhere along the line, I realized something had to change. 

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    The only thing worse than taking cranky toddlers or surly teens to the grocery store is getting to the register and having a heart attack when the totals ring up. Money is tight and we need to make every dollar count. And while there are great ways to save, including store deals and printable coupons, you can also make your dollar go much further by following these easy-peasy tips. You’ll save cash, your sanity, and maybe even have some money left over for some chocolate. You totally deserve it.

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