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    I confess, I don't bake very often. Don't get me wrong -- I love cookies, pie, cupcakes, and what-have-you. I just never want a WHOLE batch of them. I just want one little treat for me, maybe two if my son is home with me. That's all!

    So it's a darn good thing someone invented desserts in a mug. That's a dessert you cook right inside a mug or cup, usually in your microwave. And they take just a few, short minutes to make! How much do we love desserts-in-a-mug? Oh, about 13 ways, to be exact! Here are 13 of our favorite dessert-in-a-mug recipes for you to try your own sweet self. Indulgence is just a stir and a zap away ... and the kids' reaction is the icing on the cake. So to speak.

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    "I'm hungry!" This is the constant rallying cry amongst my boys right around 4 p.m. It's a tough time because they should be hungry for a snack, yet dinner is so close, I don't want them to fill up. I also want to give them something wholesome and healthy and preferably not store bought.

    Sound like too much to ask? Nope! Just check out this easy to follow recipe for homemade animal graham crackers. I've made them a bunch of times, serving them up with a glass of milk and apple slices. I've been known to sneak a few myself with a morning cup of coffee. Shh ... don't tell! Here's how you make them:

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    So, I guess you could say that our family is crazy about potato chips. We just love them. And that's a problem because potato chips are anything but healthy. Especially when you read the calorie content on the back of the bag! I've long been searching for an alternative and I just might have found them in this recipe for baked sweet potato chips.

    You can eat them plain, toss on a bit of seasoning, or create a creamy dip with low fat Greek yogurt and chives. Yummy right? Serve them as a snack or alongside their favorite sandwiches. They also go great packed up and sent in a lunch bag for school. Here's how you make them:

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    I love chocolate. You probably love chocolate. I don’t quite trust anyone who claims to dislike chocolate. I worked in a chocolate shop in college, and people would ask me if I got sick of it; nope, it had the opposite effect. I liked it more, in more forms, than I had before.

    This recipe sounds as amazing as anything the accomplished chocolatier who owned the shop could cook up; it uses five kinds of chocolate. That's right, five. Don't panic, though; you probably have everything in your pantry to make it right now, and if not, you can find it in under 10 minutes at the grocery store. It takes exactly four steps to prepare, and can be made in under 15 minutes. If you use a disposable pan, cleanup is easier (even easier if you lick the bowl, not that we line up for the privilege in my house).

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    Before we share this recipe with you, we need to warn you: Once you learn how to make this perfect corn pudding, everyone is going to want you to make it over and over again. It's that yummy. Fortunately it's also incredibly easy -- we're talking dump, stir, and bake, 30 minutes to delicious time!

    Do we need to mention how good this would be with roast chicken? Or a pot roast? Or Crock-Pot chili? Or just straight out of the pan, with a spoon, when you're alone in your kitchen? (Did I just say that?) Anyway, you get the idea. Enjoy your new favorite fall dish -- and you're welcome!

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    Hey, what's that magical scent in the air? Why it's -- pumpkin spice! And the delicious aroma is coming straight from your oven. Or it could be, if you were baking this scrumptious Pumpkin "BTS" Poke Cake recipe by blogger Ashton Swank of Something Swanky. By "BTS" she means better than sex, of course. We are all dangerously obsessed with this dessert, and you can see why. As if the pumpkin and spice weren't enough, there's the whipped cream topping with Heath bits. And have I mentioned the caramel?

    What makes this cake even more tempting is that it takes just 7 ingredients. How can something so delicious be this easy to make? I guess you'll have to try it yourself to find out!

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    Check your nut butters before you make lunch today. nSpired Natural Foods Inc. is voluntarily recalling six brands of peanut butter and almond butter because of possible salmonella contamination: Arrowhead Mills peanut butters, MaraNatha almond butters and peanut butters, and private labels sold at Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, Kroger, and Safeway. The affected products are sold throughout the US.

    The company has not specified how many jars are being recalled, but 45 production lots have been affected. The salmonella contamination was found during routine testing by the FDA. Four illnesses have been reported that may be linked to the recall.

    Here's everything you need to know to respond to this recall.

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    Ever since I picked up a jar of rose petal jam on my trip to Paris this summer, I've been obsessed with it. Rose petals have been used in sweet and savory cooking around the world for hundreds of years. They deliver a wildly romantic and unexpected taste sensation. I'm serious. 

    If you're not the type to eat flowers, we'd love to tempt you to try something new. If you're STILL not convinced, at least look at the stunningly beautiful photos and dream of what could be. And what woman doesn't love roses, anyway?

    Behold these 8 beautiful rose-petal recipes (pesticide-free, of course). Ooh la la!

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    Here's a problem we never talk about: how to dampen your sex drive. When was the last time you saw the headline "10 Ways to Stomp Out Your Libido & Have the Non-Existent Sex Life You Crave"? Never, that's when. But back in the 19th century, that was actually a thing. And that's why graham crackers were invented.

    Yes, those delicious cinnamon-sugar coated crackers we use to make decadent s'mores had a much more dismal beginning. For one thing, they weren't made with cinnamon and sugar. They were invented by evangelical minister Sylvester Graham to curb salacious desires -- as a way of liberating people, of course.

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    Every day there's a new, supposedly healthy super food on grocery shelves promising you eternal youth -- or at least a trimmer figure. Some of those foods are actually legit. They really do deliver a high dose of powerful nutrients. Also? Most of them have been around forever, and you'll find them in the produce aisle. They're called fresh fruits and vegetables. You should try some!

    Womp, womp. But seriously, we're not judging you for trying out some of the trendy health foods out there. That can be fun. It's just that some of them are rip offs. You're shelling out a lot of money for food that doesn't actually do that much for you. Here are 6 health food rip offs you can cross off your grocery list.

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