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    I inhaled a Peppermint Mocha Latte from Starbucks this morning. I shouldn't have, because a small cup costs almost $5 and I'm trying to be better about throwing away my money, but boy oh boy, was that cup of coffee an absolute treat. Many times I've thought to myself: my dumb Starbucks addiction costs me too much money. Dumb, dumb Starbucks and its dumb, delicious coffee.

    Well, one shop in California is set to make a killing based on that very idea. Dumb Starbucks -- which is the actual name of the shop -- opened in Los Angeles this weekend and java-loving folks just can't seem to figure out if the place is what it claims. It looks like a Starbucks, with identical font and a near-mirror image of its green logo, and it acts like a Starbucks -- doling our fraps, caps, and chocolate chai tea lattes -- but each of its items has been christened "dumb": Dumb Iced Coffee, Dumb Blonde Roast, Dumb Norah Jones Duets. So what's the deal here? 

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    Now you can have your yoga mat and NOT eat it too! Wait, no, that's weird. Now you don't have to eat a yoga mat when you eat a sub! No, that doesn't make sense. Oh well, I'll just say it: Subway will remove a chemical found in yoga mats from its bread. I know, right? That still sounds crazypants. Apparently the chain's sandwich bread contains a chemical called Azodiacarbonamide. And that happens to be a chemical found in yoga mats, too. Maybe it's what gives them both their spongy texture?

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    Parents of chicken nugget fans, the veil has been lifted. We've all seen the Jamie Oliver video about how chicken nuggets are made. And we can't un-see it, especially the infamous pink slime. Well, most of us have seen the video -- I suspect many people saw the headlines and let that video pass them on by. And I can't blame you if you did. But it's led to something totally unexpected. One fast food restaurant has produced a video showing how they make their chicken nuggets.

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    It’s a true story, my friends. Everyone’s favorite Italian chain restaurant is offering parents a night off from wrestling their little ones into clunky wooden high chairs and flagging down the waiter because someone’s milk spilled.

    Olive Garden is teaming up with 145 My Gym locations for this strange, wonderful, and brilliant promotion they’re aptly calling Parent’s Night Out. They’re doing it specifically to promote their two-for-$25 dinner menu, but invite parents to order off the regular menu too.

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    At last, a major pizza chain has seen the light: It's all about the slice. Pizza Hut will sell pizza by the slice! And those slices will be made from a new, thin-crust recipe. Now you can order pizza the way we New Yorkers do, one slice at a time. This will enable you to eat it the proper way, which is folded up with one hand, most often while standing or running to pick up your dry cleaning. America, this is a glorious day for pizza indeed. It's -- oh wait, there's a catch. Oh dear...

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    If you'd like to eat out on Christmas day, you actually have a lot of options. Your favorite restaurant may not be open, but several chain restaurants are open for business on December 25. The following restaurants have confirmed that most of their locations are open, but it's always a good idea to call ahead just to be sure. 

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    Growing up, I remember dinners at Red Lobster as such a treat. For a middle class, middle-American family like ours, it always marked a special occasion. Well, recent news means it could be the end of an era for fans of the chain. Red Lobster could be closing all of its 705 locations, and it looks like Olive Garden (owned by the same parent company) won't be opening up any new restaurants in the near future. That means one sad fact for millions of families:

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    So, you're minding your own business, eating a hamburger and some fries, when suddenly there's a warm breeze. The air feels different. You see golden glitter swirling around. And then you see them: Kimye. Yes, people. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were spotted at a Wendy's in Philadelphia over the weekend. And someone snapped the two and posted it via Twitter because they knew we'd want to see it. Kanye is staring studiously at a French fry while Kim taps away at her phone.

    I've got to ask: What is that like, exactly? What's it like to witness Kim and Kanye eating lunch right in front of you? I wonder ...

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    I'm sure health is the first thing on your mind when you order fast food, right? No? Oh, well... I'll tell you today's big food news anyway. Burger King has just introduced it's new, "healthier" French fry, called "Satisfries." (GET IT???) They're krinkle-cut, they have 30 percent less fat, they have 20 fewer calories, and they cost 20 to 30 cents more than the original fries. Naturally we had to give them a try to see how they hold up against regular fries, so we conducted our own informal taste test here at CafeMom.


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    Is your sweet tooth all sugared out? Ready to try the next big food trend that some are saying may replace the coveted cronut?

    Say hello to the pizzaburger: a bacon cheeseburger wrapped in a pepperoni pizza, baked in the oven like a calzone, and then topped with just enough lettuce, tomato, and pickle to make you fool yourself into believing you're eating something healthy (okay, maybe not).

    The pizzaburger was conceived by popular chain Boston's Restaurant and Sports Bar and has apparently taken off across Canada. 

    It contains a whopping 1,360 calories and 2,000 milligrams of sodium. So, yeah, Diet Coke sales at Boston's may just rocket in the next few months. 

    On its surface, the pizzaburger seems to have what it takes to stand beside the cronut, but given how rapidly foods trends come and go, is it special enough? 

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