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    I have a confession; the only thing I have ever made in my waffle iron is, well, waffles. But after this fun little experiment, I realized that my trusty kitchen appliance, which had been relegated to creating just your basic waffles, is capable of other breakfast staples. Yes, you can also make fantastic-looking hash browns in your waffle iron too!

    The best part is that you can make waffle iron hash browns in just three simple steps ...

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    Father's Day is Dad's big day when he shouldn't be the one at the grill. Instead, treat him all day long to his favorite foods ... starting with breakfast.

    A breakfast isn't a breakfast without some bacon (at least meat lovers will agree with me on that). But let's take this Dad's Day meal up a notch and make candied bacon, crush it up, and put it in pancakes. Then add some chocolate chips on top. It's a Father's Day breakfast the whole family will love  -- and it's called 'Mancakes'!

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    Doesn't this look cool? It's an egg that was scrambled in its shell before boiling, and now it's a lovely golden color through and through. Amazing, isn't it? It's especially nice if you, or your child, doesn't like eating the yolk on its own. Supposedly all you have to do is rapidly spin an egg a bazillion times in a sleeve or tights, and the force will cause the egg to scramble. Here's how it works in 5 steps.

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    Who loves moms? Restaurants do! Every Mother's Day several restaurant chains offer some super-sweet deals in honor of mamas everywhere -- and to entice families to spend a bit of the holiday with them. You can get two-for deals and gift certificates and even a free cake. We rounded up some of the most popular restaurants offering deals including ... am I reading this right? Holy mammaries, you'll never guess who's on this list!

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    Is there anything better than breakfast? Eggs, bacon, cheese, potatoes, and toast -- mmm, some of life's most delicious food offerings! But who has time to whip up a Ron Swanson-style breakfast every day of the week? With you and the kids scrambling around just trying to make it outside with both shoes on, you're lucky if you get to eat one of the mangled half-frozen waffles left on the counter before you hit the ground running.

    That's where this redonkulously tasty breakfast casserole comes into play. It requires basically zero work. Even if the only "free time" you have is the 20 minutes between your kids falling asleep and you passing out where you stand, you can get this done. 

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    Ladies, it's almost Mother's Day. Do you know what your guys are making you for breakfast? Now we know you don't like asking, and it's so much sweeter when our guys just think of these things all on their own. But it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world if, say, they turned on the computer and happened to see this handy list of romantic Mother's Day breakfast ideas, most of which are easy enough for even a beginner cook handle -- hello, I'm talking to YOU, man who just "stumbled" onto this post!

    No pressure, but these 10 breakfast ideas would rock your lady's world first thing in the morning. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is get up before she does (bwa hahaha, no really), tip-toe into the kitchen, prepare said breakfast, and present it to her on a tray while she's still in bed. Try and round up the kids while you're at it. Ready? Okay!

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    Here's the thing about publishing heavenly Mother's Day brunch ideas on a blog read by moms: Someone else should be reading those posts so they can make you breakfast. What are you supposed to do -- email a link to the post to your husband and kids? Well, yeah, probably, but that's kind of a bummer. And anyway, maybe your people aren't so adept at cooking and barely know how to boil an egg, let along whip up eggs Benedict.

    So let's reel back the day's ambitions ... way, way back. Here are some breakfast ideas for people who barely have a grasp on how the toaster works. People who maybe know where you keep the milk. People who are capable of opening a package. Let's start there, with 8 realistic Mother's Day breakfast ideas your kids can actually serve you in bed.

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    I don't know about you guys, but picking breakfast every morning is beyond difficult. Between the time crunch and the need for an on-the-go and healthy snack, it means that choosing the first meal of the day is always a challenge.

    So to make your breakfast choices even easier, we've put together a delicious, and healthy, box of treats from Nature Valley. One lucky winner will come away with 10 special products, two boxes of each: cranberry almond protein granola, honey breakfast biscuits, blueberry breakfast biscuits, mixed berry Greek yogurt protein bars, and strawberry Greek yogurt protein bars.

    To enter for a chance to win the bundle, let us know:

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    Have you been to your local supermarket and had your child stop in her tracks to stare longingly at a box of her favorite cereal? Apparently, it's not a Pavlovian response to what's inside -- it's our kids being mesmerized by the characters on the package looking right into their eyes.

    Conveniently, these tantalizing boxes of breakfast goodness just happen to be at eye level, begging our children to pay attention to them. This, according to a new study, is all on purpose.

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    Like we needed yet ANOTHER reason to swing by our local Krispy Kreme. It was just announced that the masters of donut magic have created two new flavors to lure us in. This way, we can have our coffee with our donuts -- literally.

    For a limited time only the donut giant will be offering newfangled flavor sensations as the Mocha Kreme Doughnut and the Caramel Coffee Kreme Doughnut. Seriously, they had me at mocha -- the caramel and coffee are just added bonuses.

    So how do Krispy Kreme's new coffee donuts taste?

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