Brown Bag Lunch Ideas: No Refrigerator? No Problem!


lunch bagPacking a lunch day after day can be tricky -- especially if there's no refrigeration available. You don't want the food to spoil so options are limited. But that doesn't mean your kids (or you) should go hungry or have to eat the same thing every day.

Here are six creative ideas -- that don't require refrigeration -- to help break your family out of the boring lunchtime routine.

1. Almond butter and sliced banana sandwich on whole wheat; carrot sticks.

2. Apple, celery sticks, whole wheat crackers, and peanut butter; Laughing Cow cheese.

3. Hummus and whole wheat pita; fresh berries.

4. Thermos with soup, pasta, or rice; grapes.

5. Multi-grain tortilla chips and salsa; banana; orange; canned protein shake.

6. Vegetable salad with oil and vinegar on the side; trail mix with nuts and dried fruit.

What do you typically bring for lunch? What do you pack for the kids?

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Cafe... Cafe Jenn

Fortunately for me I don't have to pack a lunch.
For my son its usually PB&J (homemade jelly), a fruit and crackers and a drink.

JustGail JustGail

oooh - i love the idea of the hummus and the tween will benefit from this idea!

lysianne lysianne

Love the ideals for lunches expect for the ideal about peanut butter, since in our schools we are not permitted NO PEANUTS rule, (allergies)

robbi... robbinsmith

yes i am cooking food for my self after delivery . there are salad and chapati and noodles are in my lunch

Carey... Carey2006

My son loves PB&J sandwiches & fruit or raw veggies in his lunch!!! And those Smucker's Uncrustables are his FAV!!!!!!!

asil asil

How great! I haven't had to start packing lunches yet, but my oldest starts K3 in the fall, so we will have to start soon! What great ideas!

tonya... tonyalynn

Cool ideas. The only snack lunches I've had to make were for my husband. He loves pb&j with a piece of fruit, chips, fruit drink, and a snack cake. He likes tuna too, and Ive seen a kit with the tuna, crackers, etc. all together and ready to go.

Pnukey Pnukey

I like the uncrustables pb&j because they thaw just in time for lunch. That with some string cheese and a granola bar are great for lunch.

tazdvl tazdvl

I got lucky with my son, sandwiches were fine for him and he loved the gogurts and those would be thawed in time for lunch.

Radarma Radarma

LOL LIke some of the other mothers here, mine is currently stuck on PB&J. **sighs** I can sometimes slip him a ham and cheese sammy, but usually he looks forward to his PB&J. And this hummus stuff, I need to try that for the kids. I hear people like that hummus stuff.

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