1 Chicken, 17 Meals: Take the Chicken Challenge!

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Don't be a chicken: Take the challenge!

How many meals can you get out of a chicken? Cheap Healthy Good wanted to find out and gave herself this challenge: On a $25 budget she had to make as many healthy, low-fat meals as she could with the leftovers from one big chicken.


Her ground rules were as follows:

1. Use as much food already in the pantry as possible.

2. Each meal had to feed at least 2 people.

3. The chicken had to be used up within a few days so it wouldn't go bad.

4. The meals had to have variety (no chicken with spaghetti one day, chicken with penne the next).

5. The meals had to have very little added fat (the chicken would provide most of it).

6. The budget for everything was $25.


Here's how she fared:

1. She cooked five distinct, delicious, largely healthy dinners with enough leftovers for 12 additional meals.

2. She went 86 cents over budget.


I am in awe. She used a chicken that was just under 7 pounds, which usually gives my family just a few meals. I realize that she was feeding only two people, so maybe I won't get 17 meals, but I certainly should be getting more. I vow to make the most of my chicken the next time I roast one.


To see her chicken recipes, shopping list, and cost breakdown, read 1 Chicken, 17 Healthy Meals, $26 Bucks, No Mayo.


How many meals do you usually get out of one chicken? Are you interested in giving yourself the "1 Chicken, $25 Challenge"? If you do it, let me know how you make out.

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