Moms, Can Your First Grader Identify a Tomato?

This chilling sneak peek from the new show Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution shows Oliver quizzing a classroom of first graders in Huntington, WV, asking them to identify fresh vegetables including tomatoes, cauliflower, beets, and eggplant. Guess what? They can't do it.


The beet I can maybe understand. How many first graders—healthy eaters or not—eat beets on a regular basis?

But the other veggies? Unacceptable. Oliver's point is valid: Kids aren't eating healthy food if they can't even identify it.

Oliver's new show is about his campaign to educate Americans about how to eat better. It premieres Friday, March 26, on ABC.

Can your first grader identify the vegetables in the video? Will you watch the show?

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