Chicken Wing Prices Skyrocket: Is This a Good Thing?

chicken wings

USA Today reports that the cost of chicken wings is soaring, causing restaurant owners to raise their prices or, in some instances, re-write their menus altogether. And I couldn't be happier. Why?


I love wing sauce as much as the next girl. And, the wing accouterments like blue cheese dressing and celery sticks are some of my very favorite foods.

But watching people nibble-nibble on chicken wings and then make a tidy pile of gnawed bones on their plate frankly makes me want to vomit. The bones ruin the entire chicken wing experience for me.

That's why the fact that in the slow economy the price of chicken wings has drastically increased—up 39 percent from 2008—doesn't have me crying into my beer. To counteract the increase, many restaurants are offering "boneless chicken wings" made of breast meat instead of regular wings. Chicken breasts are healthier than chicken thighs, so, to me, this is an added plus.

But I know lots of you will disagree.

What do you think? Are boneless chicken wings an acceptable substitute for regular chicken wings? Or will you miss the bones too much?

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