The Best Doughnuts: Fried Dough Has Never Looked This Good

When we saw Bon Appetit's recent list of the 10 best doughnuts in the nation we wanted to get in on the fun with some of our favorite deep-fried breakfast treats from around the Web. Pour yourself a cup a coffee because it's time to look at the doughnuts!


1. Bacon and chocolate? Way overdone. Bacon and doughnuts? We think this savory-sweet combo has a little gas left in it, at least as far as this Bacon-encrusted, Maple-glazed Doughnut (from Teddy Carroll Photography) is concerned.

2. Pumpkin Pie Brioche Doughnuts from Daydreamer Desserts...need we say more?



3. Spiced Rum Cream Filled Doughnuts from Not So Humble Pie have a fun surprise in the middle!



4. Fresh Huckleberry Doughnuts from No Salad as a Meal are served warm with a side of Meyer lemon curd cream—Yum!

huckleberry doughnuts

Photo ©Haas, No salad as a meal |



5. Meals at Home's Orange-Spiced Doughnuts would be perfect with a hot cup of tea.



6. Bombolinis from bell' alimento are pillowy Italian-style doughnuts filled with Nutella.



7. Check out our recipe for Apple Cider Doughnut Holes here.



8. The Elvis Doughnut, shot by Taylor Mathis of Taylor Takes a Taste at Ike and Jane Cafe in Athens, Georgia, is a peanut butter-flavored doughnut topped with bananas and bacon.



9. Caramel Corn Donuts, from Playing With Fire and Water, are topped with crunchy popcorn, peanuts and caramel and filled with a luscious popcorn-infused cream.



10. Padmaja from Spicyandhra made these South Indian-style savory doughnuts, known as Vadas, with black gram lentils spiced with onions, chillies, and curry leaves.



11. Portland's Voodoo Doughnuts give new meaning to breakfast. Photos are from Culinary Types: (clockwise) The Bacon Maple Bar; Cake Doughnut with Sprinkles; Triple Chocolate Penetration with Cocoa-Puffs; Fruit Loops with White Frosting.


What's your favorite kind of doughnut?

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