Brown Sugar Grapefruit: A Lenten Dessert Idea

red grapefruit sliced in halfEvery year I give up traditional sweets and chocolate for Lent. It's only day 7. It's super super hard. No more hot chocolate in the morning, cookies for lunch, cupcakes at work (they're big here), hot lava cakes after dinner (so easy, and one of my specialties), a handful of chocolate chips before bed.

I'm exaggerating. I don't eat everything on that list every single day, but I like having the option.

I simply can't give up sugar entirely (because my body would go into glucose shock), so I've been forced to explore some non-confectionary alternatives to satisfy my sweet tooth, namely fruit.

Here's a simple and fairly healthy idea using grapefruit to try if you're abstaining for religious or bikini reasons. But you can also eat it because it tastes really, really good!


-- Half a red grapefruit, individual portions sliced with paring knife

-- Teaspoon or two of brown sugar

-- Pinch of cinammon

-- Handful of sliced or slivered almonds

Mix the sugar and spice together, sprinkle on top of grapefruit, followed by the nuts and enjoy!

As a slight variation, you could try the Broiled Grapefruit Recipe we recently featured. I might try this tonight. Hot fruit, carmelized top. Kinda reminds me of baking pie.

Do you give up a favorite food for Lent, dieting or any other reason? How do you stay focused on the goal?


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