Eat Cat! Says One Italian Chef

Italian celebrity chef Beppe Bigazzi was fired from his TV show this week after telling viewers that stewed cat is a "succulent dish."

Really? I'm glad that dude was fired—that's seriously sick.


Yes, cat is a traditional dish in some cultures, but not in Italy. In fact, killing cats is illegal in Italy, let alone enjoying them as a tasty snack!

Obviously, this guy has never owned a cat (or even a pet for that matter).

Check out the clip and see how uncomfortable TV presenter Elisa Isoardi (who has a pet cat) gets when Bigazzi recommends soaking the cat in "spring water for three days" for optimal stewing. I feel your pain, Elisa!

Are you glad Bigazzi was fired for nonchalantly suggesting that we eat our domesticated pets?

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