Rainbow Foods: A Photo Essay

Nutrition experts recommend eating a colorful diet for a healthy lifestyle. They are, of course, referring to naturally colored foods—berries, oranges, lemons, spinach, etc. But these rainbow foods are much more fun and exciting! I won't condone cooking with unlimited amounts of synthetic food dye, but I can condone unlimited looking at it! Now, on to the essay...


1. Rainbow Pancakes from I Am Mommy have been making their way around the Web. And, did you know this week is National Pancake Week?

2. Some bakers bake layered Rainbow Cakes, but I prefer this bright and swirly version from Omnomicon.



3. Where there's cake, there's cupcakes...specifically, Rainbow Cupcakes from Delicious Delicious Delicious. Can it be my birthday already?



4. Kids (and adults, too, who am I kidding?) get a kick out of Rainbow Cookies. From Dinner Cakes.



5. By far the healthiest option on this list, these Rainbow Wraps from Healthy. Happy. Life. get their color the old-fashioned way—from fruit!



6. Here's another take on Rainbow Cookies by 1773, this time using a rainbow of mini M&M's.




7. And a third...(from Rainbow Stuff).



8. Finally, adorable Rainbow Cupcakes from Abbey Goes Design Scouting. These remind me of a new box of crayons!



Have you ever made rainbow food? How do you add color to your diet?

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