Black History Month Lunch Menu Racist?

This photo of a Black History Month lunch menu is the subject of much controversy of late. It was taken in NBC's cafeteria in New York and posted on Twitter by NBC employee Questlove. Why is there so much anger about the menu? Because many people are claiming it's racist.


Personally, I'm confused as to what all the uproar is about: Fried chicken, collard greens, black-eyed peas, etc. are delicious foods that people in the South (and other regions) enjoy regardless of color. Perhaps, if the sign were less generalist, more explicit—clarifying that this is a "Soul Food Menu" or a "Southern-Style Menu" meant to celebrate Black History Month, people would have been less offended.

The woman at the center of the controversy? Leslie Calhoun, the African American chef who selected the foods in honor of Black History Month. In this video, she defends her menu, explaining that she wanted to feature things that she personally enjoys to eat. She said:

"It wasn't trying to offend anyone or suggest that this is all African Americans eat."

Nevertheless, NBC took down the menu and issued an apology.

What do you think about this controversy? Do you think the Black History Month menu was racist?

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