Throw a Superbowl Party

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This Sunday, my house is going to be jam-packed with screaming football fans, and I'm stressing a bit. Thankfully, Woman's Day has some great ideas and recipes for putting together an awesome Superbowl party.

  1. Help your guests root for their favorite team with oversize “We’re #1” foam fingers. Available in eight colors, they’re reminiscent of the souvenirs fans get at football stadiums around the country and are a fun take-home gift. 16-inch Foam Finger, $3.20;
  2. Make the game a little more exciting with an all-in-good-fun football pool. Participants pay (usually $1) per square on a 10 x 10 grid in hopes of having the winning combo that matches the last digits in the score of the game. Payouts are based on the score of each team at the end of each quarter. Make your own or download a template here.
  3. Loading the dishwasher or scrubbing a sink full of dishes won’t be high on your list of post–game day activities. Save yourself some of the cleanup and serve your grub on these Superbowl–themed paper plates. Super Bowl Dinner Plates, $3.49 for 16;
  4. Potato skins are such a filling and impressive snack option that no one will even miss the standard potato chip party fare. Get the recipe here.
  5. A bag of tortilla chips with this multilayer bean, salsa and guacamole dip is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser for fans of both teams. Get the recipe here.

Check out Woman's Day's website for more great ideas.

Are you hosting a Superbowl party this year?

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