In the Kitchen With: Annie M. of Annie's Eats

| Feb 4, 2010 Food & Party

  • Meet the Family

    annie from annie's eats

    Annie with her son, Andrew, and her husband, Ben.

    We're a family of three: me, my husband, Ben, and our son, Andrew, who is 19 months old. I am a resident physician, and Ben is an elementary school teacher. Andrew is the happiest, most outgoing child we know. He is the light of our lives. He is also not a picky eater, which I love!

  • The Blog

    annie from annie's eats

    Annie from Annie's Eats.

    On Annie's Eats, I make all kinds of recipes: easy to complicated, quick to time-consuming. I just love making good food for my family and trying new things in the kitchen. Maybe the best way to describe it would be to say I'm up for anything!

  • The Kitchen

    kitchen island

    The island in Annie's kitchen.

    Without a doubt, my favorite thing about my kitchen is the massive island...The second I saw it, I knew we had to buy this house. It was love at first sight...In our old kitchen, I had about four square feet of real working counter space, so this new kitchen has been an absolutely amazing upgrade for me.

  • The Kitchen


    Annie's kitchen table.

    This is a view of the kitchen from the living room. I love how open the rooms are and that we have room for a dining table in the kitchen.

  • The Kitchen


    Annie's kitchen.

    We love that our microwave is over the stove! This is a huge counter space-saver.

  • The Kitchen


    Annie's walk-in pantry.

    We're also crazy about the walk-in pantry because our old one was itty bitty. It's great to have room for everything and be able to keep it all organized.

  • The Kitchen

    dining room

    Annie's formal dining room.

    Okay, so it's not the kitchen, but I'm thrilled to finally have a real formal dining room. I've wanted one for years!

  • The Kitchen


    Annie's wall of canvases.

    One of my other favorite things in the kitchen is this wall of canvases I created. I took some of my own favorite food photos from my blog, had them printed on canvas, mounted them myself, and hung them. They are a truly unique decoration that I love to look at, and they add lots of color to the otherwise neutral space. 


  • The Food


    "Benchiladas" from Annie's Eats.

    Among my family and friends, I am best known for these creamy chicken enchiladas, which we have affectionately named "Benchiladas" because they are Ben's absolute favorite food. They are not at all authentic, but seem to be a crowd-pleaser no matter what.  


  • The Food

    sugar cookies

    Sugar cookies decorated with royal icing from Annie's Eats.

    My sugar cookies decorated with royal icing are also extremely popular. It's obvious why people love them so much—because the decorating possibilities are endless and they look impressive.

  • The Food

    annie's son

    Annie's son, Andrew.

    I don't think that having Andrew has changed my cooking much at all. I have always tried to make a wide variety of meals, generally healthy, and that is still true. I am very motivated to continually introduce him to new foods so that he does not become a picky eater.  

  • The Favorites

    annie's family

    I find inspiration for my cooking all over the place: reading other food blogs, lots and lots of cookbooks and food magazines, cooking shows, and even restaurant menus. I'm always looking to try new foods and new techniques, and my list of recipes to try is always growing! 

    My favorite food blogs are:

    Use Real Butter

    Smitten Kitchen

    Williams Sonoma

    Food Gawker

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