RSVP Etiquette: Is It Really That Difficult, People?

invitationIs the art of the RSVP lost and gone forever? There's nothing more frustrating than when you thoughtfully send friends and family an invitation to a birthday party, dinner, or other social gathering, and they fail to respond. I just want to say to these mute-ants: Are both your computer and cell phone broken? Why can't you tell me if you are coming or not? Are you waiting for something better to come along? How rude!


I've heard that "not RSVPing" is the equivalent to declining an invitation. And yet, I've still had instances in which a friend failed to respond to my invitation, yet, on the big day, there he is in my living room, chowing down on my snacks and guzzling my beverages with all the responsible RSVPers. I love having him, of course. But how difficult would it be to give me a little notice?

Oh, and don't get me started on thank you notes...

Have you noticed that lots of people never RSVP? Are you good about RSVPing? Or do you tend to forget?

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