Wedding Favor Weigh-In: Fun or Frivolous?

One of my best friends is getting married in the fall, so I've been keeping my eye out for cute wedding ideas, like these Bride and Groom Brownie Pop Wedding Favors from Beau-coup. But at $7.50 a pair (Yowza!), it sort of begs the question: How much should you spend on wedding favors? And, are they even necessary? Take our poll.


I've been to lots of weddings with favors—colored M&M's, chocolate truffles, homemade CDs with the couple's favorite songs, etc. And I've been to many weddings that skipped the favors altogether. At my wedding, we donated money in our guests' name to a charity that was important to my husband and me.

Some people think that giving favors is good etiquette—a nice "thank you" to the guests. But other people think wedding favors are completely frivolous. What do you think?

[poll id="343783" question="What"]

Did you give out favors at your wedding? What did you give to your guests?

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