Potluck Weddings Are Tacky, Say Some Moms

When it comes to potluck weddings, I have mixed feelings. On the one hand, if a potluck wedding was what a friend or family member truly wanted to celebrate their marriage, than I'd get over myself and happily bring a dish to share. On the other, if the couple getting married expects me to pony up for their wedding banquet, then they'd better not expect me to get them a gift, too. Just saying.

Is that completely heartless of me?


Recently, Cafemoms weighed-in on whether or not they thought a potluck wedding is tacky. Several of the moms were a little more compassionate than I just was above, reasoning that potlucks are a good way to go, especially if the couple needs to save money.

For example, Bethsunshine said: I think a potluck sounds like a great idea and a lot of fun... This way, everyone will feel as if they're a part of your special day.

I liked Antivaccinemom's response as well: This is your wedding, and if you have lots of stuck-up people for relatives and family then, yes, potluck is tacky! If you are inviting friends and family who love you and know you don't have oodles of money to spend then it's NOT tacky at all. (Gulp. Do I qualify as a "stuck-up" guest?)

But the majority of moms seemed to be against the potluck idea, arguing that it's too much to ask your guests to help with the food. Instead, they offered the following cost-saving alternatives:

  • Asking the help of very close family and friends to chip in to help with all of the cooking.
  • Serving simple snacks or finger foods (versus an entire meal).
  • Skiping the reception and having guests gather after the ceremony at a family member's house for wedding cake and punch.

What do you think about these ideas? Do you think a potluck wedding is tacky?


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