Snow Cream: Tastes Like Ice Cream But It's Made of, Well, Snow

What do you do when your kids eat snow? Do you tell them not to do it, because let's face it, who really knows (or wants to know) what the heck is in that snow pile? Gah. Or do you encourage them, and maybe even join in?

If you are a mom in the latter group, then you might want to add making Snow Cream to your winter agenda. As CafeMoms in The Cafe were recently discussing, Snow Cream is similar to ice cream, but the main ingredient is snow (preferably of the white, fluffy, clean variety versus some that is, say, yellow).


According to Momto3grils0620, snow cream is made by mixing clean snow with evaporated milk, vanilla, and sugar together.

And, last year we posted a similar snow cream recipe, which called for the same ingredients as well as an egg.

Have you ever made or eaten snow cream? Where do you stand on the eating snow issue?

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