Cool Beer Cooler Cake From a CafeMom

Check out this awesome Beer Cooler Cake I found in Cake 101. The talented Momx2grtkids made it for a graduation barbecue/keg party...


Here's what Momx2grtkids had to say about the cake:

"This cake was made for a 20-something who had just graduated from Texas Tech University. His mother had called wanting a cake for a graduation party. She said it was going to be a BBQ /keg party, and this is what I came up with. I did get some help from other posts on CC.

It was made using two 11x15 cakes. I cut them in half and stacked them with a cake board and supports between the first two and the next two. I carved out a cavity on the top for the beer and "ice"...For the beer I poked a hole at the bottom and drained out the beer, so the top would not be opened. The "ice" is clear rock candy, which I bought after three attempts at making my own with none of them working.

This cake was fun to make, and it is always fun to see people's reaction when you deliver it."

I'm impressed! A big thanks to Momx2grtkids for sharing her cake with us!

What do you think of the cake?

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