Vegetarian Lunch Idea: Hummus Sandwiches

hummus pitaIn an effort to be more healthy, my husband and I made a New Year's Resolution to eat less meat. Four days in, and I'm happy to report that we're doing pretty well with our "less meat" diet. One of the things we've been eating for lunch are hummus sandwiches. It's a great healthy lunch option because hummus is high in protein, and the rest of the sandwich is packed with fresh vegetables.


Hummus Sandwich

1 whole wheat pita (we use sliced wheat bread if we don't have pita)

2 tablespoons hummus

Sliced red onion

Sliced tomato

Sliced cucumber

Black olives, chopped

Feta cheese, crumbled

Fresh basil leaves (optional)

Spread hummus on pita. Stuff pita with remaining ingredients.

What's your favorite vegetarian lunch?

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