New Year's "Good Luck" Meal

blac-eyed peasThis may be a Southern thing (I asked my New York friends about it the other day, and they had no clue what I was talking about), but every year on New Year's, my family (who are from the South) would have the traditional New Year's "good luck" meal.


Different foods represent different things for the upcoming year. Black-eyed peas stand for good luck, if you eat cooked greens it means you'll be financially stable, and pork represents progress. So every year we'd have these three items for dinner.

They also say to not have chicken because chickens scratch backwards, which means in the coming year you will be dwelling on the past.

This year, I'm going to a dinner where everyone brings side dishes. I plan to mix in a couple of the good luck elements into one dish (being the only Southerner there, I have to uphold the luck menu).

I am making this recipe from Cooking Light, John's Hot-and-Hoppin' Cavatappi. It has both the black-eyed peas and the pork in it. So we'll at least have good luck and make progress in 2010!

Do you have a "good luck" meal on New Year's?

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