6 Healthy Recipes for 2010: Links I Love

Here are six recipes I've gathered to inspire some healthy eating in 2010!


I'm about to start my Christmas cookie detox (er, as soon as I finish these last cookies), and to inspire a healthful New Year, I've compiled this roundup of yummy and healthy recipes I want to try (and by healthy, I mostly mean includes real food ingredients and seasonal fruits or vegetables).

  1. Homemade Breakfast Bar Recipe from Vegan A Go-Go, shared by aurorabunny in this quick breakfast ideas post 
  2. Turkey White Chili Recipe from Simply Recipes (yum!)
  3. Arugula, Fennel, Apple, Mandarin Orange, and Pomegranate Salad from epicurious (many of the season's best fruits)
  4. Poached Eggs Over Rice Recipe from 101 Cookbooks (high protein)
  5. Turnip-Parsnip Gratin Recipe from Cooking Light (high in fiber)
  6. Healthy Banana Bread Recipe, adapted by Cafe Kim (no butter or oil, low sugar)

What healthy recipes are you thinking about whipping up in 2010?


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