Cookie Recipes, Santa's Favorite Cookies: Links I Love

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I could always count on my grandmother's kitchen smelling like homemade cookies throughout the holiday season.

My grandmother would bake tons of cookies, neatly wrap them in cute tins, and then send my grandfather off to deliver them to neighbors, church members, and friends.


It's one of my favorite childhood memories. If you have a tradition of baking cookies in your home during this time of year, then these links are for you:

Nine holiday cookie recipes are both pretty and delicious! — Woman's Day

Why yes, healthy holiday cookies do exist. — That's Fit

The world's fastest and easiest cookie recipe. And I've personally made these...easiest treat ever! — Parent Dish

Favorite cookie-swap recipes. — Martha Stewart

10 Christmas cookie recipes (that are supposedly Santa's favorite). Have your little elves help you make these to leave out for the big guy. — Disney Family Food

What kinds of cookies do you bake this time of year?

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