Daily Buzz Bloggers' Favorite Holiday Foods

I have lots of holiday foods I look forward to all year round, but if I had to pick a favorite, it would be: Cinnamon Sour Cream Coffee Cakes. It's my grandma's recipe, so I always think of her at the start of the season when my mom and I bake them together and then again when we eat them on Christmas morning...


I asked the other Daily Buzz Bloggers to share their favorite holiday foods:

Cafe Cynthia:

My favorite holiday food is my Swedish Meatballs with lots of yummy gravy. I'm Swedish on my Mom's side, and I have fond memories of spending Christmas Eve at my Mormor's House (that's the Swedish word for mother, but it was the name I used to call my Great Grandmother). She died when I was little, but I still remember those holidays. The Swedes are big into Christmas Eve, lots of drinking and eating! So my Great Grandmother used to make them, and also my Grandmother, but she's 91 now and no longer can cook. Someone still makes them for Christmas Eve dinner, though, it's a tradition!

Cafe Sheri:

My favorite holiday food has changed over the years, as my life, family, and new traditions have evolved. Consistently, though, I adore my Grandma's cut-out cookies—although they're not the same since I stopped using Crisco to make them.

Cafe Suzanne:

I LOVE eggnog. I get it from a local farm and it's so creamy and delicious and totally fattening but I don't care. I drink the whole bottle myself. Then I sneak out and buy another one so my husband doesn't find out. It's the only time of year I drink it.

Also, tamales. A friend of ours holds a big Tamalada (tamale-making party) on Christmas Eve every year. We always reap the benefits of yummy tamales—cheese, chicken, and pork. Last year we had them at my daughter's birthday party (Dec 23) and this year, we are having our own Tamalada as her birthday party. Most people don't realize it, but tamales are very time-consuming and tricky to make...I hope they come out right!

What's your favorite holiday food-that food you look forward to all year round?

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