The Best Holiday Shortcuts to Keep You Sane


Feeling stressed this holiday season? Here are a few shortcuts to help you simplify and survive the holidays this year.

  • Scale down the festivities. Instead of hosting a big dinner on the holidays, plan a more low-key get-together with drinks, appetizers, and desserts. Make it a potluck, and ask each guest to bring a dish.
  • Cheat on holiday cookies. Buy pre-made, refrigerated cookie dough, use holiday cookie cutters, and decorate yourself. They'll taste just as good as the homemade version.
  • Cut down on holiday baking. Host a cookie exchange, and you and your friends will end up with more holiday cookies than you'll know what to do with. 
  • Put your guests to work. No time to decorate? Host a tree-trimming party, and you'll have the house decorated in no time.
  • Save time, and paper. Send out personalized E-Cards instead of the traditional holiday cards.
  • Simplify your wrapping. When it comes to gift wrap, simple but elegant is the way to go. Buy a ream of brown butcher paper to wrap gifts and tie with a variety of festive ribbons.

Do you have any holiday shortcuts to share?

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