Holiday Baking: How Early Do You Start?

It's that time of year again—time to start thinking about all the holiday cookies, cakes, pies, candy, and breads we are going to bake this season!

I kid you not: No sooner had I taken my (beautiful!) turkey out of the oven on Thanksgiving Day than my mom began pestering me about when we would start our holiday baking. Really, Mom?


Don't get me wrong: I love holiday baking! And my mom, my sister, and I always have a great time baking together. I just need a little downtime after all the Thanksgiving hoopla. Maybe I'll start this weekend...

The thing about holiday baking is that it's never too early to start. Most baked goods can be frozen after baking and, when thawed, still taste almost as fresh as they day they were made. Sometimes, we'll freeze sugar cookies plain, and then decorate them right before we eat or gift them. But, ordinarily, cookies taste just fine even if they've been stored in the freezer.

When do you start your holiday baking? And, what treats are you making this year?


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