Best Pumpkin Pie Recipe of All Time?


Last Thanksgiving I asked my mom for her recipe for pumpkin pie, thinking that I was about to be in possession of an age-old recipe passed down from generation to generation. You can imagine my shock and horror then, when my mom said she just uses the recipe on the BACK OF A PUMPKIN CAN! Yup, Mom of Cafe Kim swears that this recipe is the best—why mess with perfection?

Do you use the recipe on the back of the can or do you have something better?

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Cafe... Cafe Suzanne

I completely understand your shock and horror, but I use the back of the can for pumpkin pie too. It's really good!

Faith123 Faith123

Try as I might, I can NEVER make my pumpkin pie come out right (I use the recipe on the Libby's can, too)! I have problems with it not being "set" in the middle but, if I cook it longer, the crust burns.

Any tips??

Cafe Kim Cafe Kim

I have a couple tips. First, have you checked your oven temperature? It sounds like maybe it is too hot? If that isn't the problem, I would suggest covering the edges of the pie crust with narrow pieces foil once it starts to brown. This way you can keep cooking the pie until it sets, but the crust won't burn.

Lilly365 Lilly365

 That is great advice to try the recipes on the can. I dont cook alot of pies, if ever, so that will be something I might try this year!

Angel... Angelmaker1997

When adding the foil strips on the crust  make sure the shinny side of the foil is next to the crust., shinny side down all the time.  The shinny side reflects the heat  and it sometimes takes longer to finish baking.

ilove... ilovehim06

I actually got my recipe online bc I didn't have pumpkin pie spice so I found one that didn't need it. It actually came out really good. And I get compliments when I make it.

nonmember avatar anny

Sure enough, it's gotten me many compliments. But my mother always told me to add an extra egg - "It makes it richer." It also sets up a little better. I also use reduced-fat evaporated milk in it jut because.

nonmember avatar Peg

For years, our Mom told us that her recipe came from the back of the can. Why, then, was her pie always more delicious than everyone else's bland pies? Hers uses a combination of five spices - 1½ t. cinnamon plus ½ t. each of nutmeg, ginger, cloves, and allspice. It is yummy!!

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