Sandra Lee: Dishes to Make Before the Big Day


Today I interviewed the Food Network's Sandra Lee about last-minute Thanksgiving tips (more on that later). I asked her which dishes are best to make BEFORE T-Day. Here's what she suggested...

  • Pies (especially apple and pumpkin) can be made in advance, covered, and stored in the refrigerator.
  • Sweet potatoes can also be made before the big day. Just be sure not to add the marshmallow topping (if using) until the day of.
  • Turkey, stuffing, and gravy should all be made the day of. Same thing goes with mashed potatoes and fresh veggies.

In addition to this list, I'm planning on making cranberry sauce, soup, bread dough (for rolls), and relish tray in advance. I'm also going to chop and prepare all the ingredients I need for the stuffing ahead of time, so that it's ready to go in the turkey on Thanksgiving.

(Um, wow. Just realizing how much I have left to do...I digress...)

Sandra also suggested organizing your refrigerator ahead of time. She said she organizes the food in her fridge by 1/8th sections (each section is a different dish), so that she is ready to go and stress-free on Thanksgiving.

One-eighth sections...can you even imagine? This is why I adore Sandra! I would never think to be so perfect and organized.

For even more ideas of dishes to prepare before Thanksgiving, check out The Minimalist's 101 Head Starts on the Day.

Do you agree with Sandra suggestions? Which Thanksgiving dishes do you make ahead of time?


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