Rachel Ray Gives Back for the Holidays

I'm such a sucker for stories about celebrities who volunteer and donate money to great causes especially during the holidays...

I've been reading about how talk/cooking show host Rachel Ray not only had her crew rebuild and remodel a soup kitchen in Ohio, but is also making sure it will be supplied with enough food to feed its more than 500 clients for an entire year.

See? I'm a total sucker for this stuff...


The community where the soup kitchen is located has been particularly hard-hit by the economic recession: The unemployment rate is up to 15 percent. Moreover, whereas six months ago, the soup kitchen served 200 clients on a typical day, now it serves upward of 500 clients daily.

The soup kitchen remodel is part of a 20-city road trip she is doing with Cincinnati native Nick Lachey for the Rachel Ray Show.

I volunteer at a food pantry in my community twice a month, and during the holidays I'm hoping to step up my involvement a bit. It's peanuts compared to the time and resources Rachel Ray has contributed, but it's what I can give right now.

How does your family give back during the holidays?


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