Would You Raise Your Hand for Chocolate Milk?

The creators of the "Got Milk?" ads launched a new campaign today to convince schools to continue to serve chocolate milk to students. Their reasoning? Sugary flavorings are the only way to get kids to drink milk.


Supporters for the "Raise Your Hand for Chocolate Milk" campaign (including Rebecca Romijn) maintain that schools should serve chocolate milk because without it, kids choose juice, soda, and water and miss out on the calcium, vitamin D, and potassium that dairy provides. Moreover, they say that chocolate milk has only 60 calories more than white milk, and "that's nothing" compared to the nutrients they are getting.

But nutrition experts disagree, saying that chocolate milk should not be served in school because kids get too much sugar (which is heightening America's obesity problem). They believe kids will drink white milk if it's the only milk offered.

Where do you fall in this debate over whether schools should serve chocolate milk? Do your kids drink chocolate milk or white milk?


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