Stuffing: How Do You Make It?


thanksgiving stuffingI'm hosting Thanksgiving this year. It will be the first time I cook dinner with all the fixings for a big crowd. *Gulp.* I've got the turkey under control. But the one food that's stressing me out? The stuffing!



I know it's silly to get worked up over a Thanksgiving side dish. But stuffing is serious business! It's an item that I, personally, look forward to all year. Plus, I feel like the success of the stuffing is an important measure of the overall Thanksgiving dinner. Do I want to go down in history as having the worst stuffing (and, therefore, the worst Thanksgiving dinner) of all time?

*Deep breaths.*

I've been looking through my cookbooks for recipes, and I'm getting really overwhelmed by all the options: Should I cook it inside or outside the turkey? And which ingredients should I put in it? I've seen everything from sausage, cheese, and cornbread to butternut squash, chestnuts, and oysters(?).

Again. Help!

Every family makes it differently—got any recipes or tips to share?

Do you eat stuffing on Thanksgiving? How do you make it?


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