Pretty Princess Birthday Cakes by CafeMoms

Is your little girl dreaming of a princess-themed birthday party? Moms in the CafeMom Newcomers Club recently shared photos of their gorgeous princess cakes.

Here are some of my favorites...


Totallysober purchased the above princess cake from a local baker for her daughter's first birthday.


ShakleeMama87 made this princess cake for her daughter's first birthday. It's a chocolate cake with butter-cream frosting.


Check out this pretty pink princess cake by Nicky80.


AngelRT and her MIL made this princess cake for her daughter's birthday. It's a yellow cake from scratch iced with butter-cream frosting, then covered with fondant (from scratch) made from marshmallow. They used the Princess Castle Kit from Wilton Cakes.


This lovely princess cake was the first cake that Adamjackie has ever made. She used boxed yellow cake and canned frosting.


Beautiful__Mama made this beautiful princess cake for her beautiful daughter's first birthday party.


Logan_Bellasmom bought this princess cake for her daughter at Albertsons.


Meagan0716's husband made this princess cake: It's strawberry and Tinkerbell-themed. They bought the toppers in the toy section of Walmart.


Finally, 2boys_1girl bought this princess cake for her daughter's fourth birthday.


Now I want to have a princess-themed birthday party!

Don't you just love all the princess cakes? Which one is your favorite?


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