Eating Dinner Together: Does Your Family Do It?

It's nearly impossible to get the whole family together for dinner especially when everyone is running off to work and soccer practice and dance lessons and who knows where else. Still, some creative CafeMoms find a way to make it work. Here's how they do it...


The following responses were posted in the Connecting With Your Teenagers group.

  • My3Babes: I have always planned dinner to be done when my husband gets home from work in the evenings; so, the kids have always known that when Dad gets home, you go to the dinner table and have dinner as a family.
  • Tracylynnr67: We [eat together] just about every night...Sometimes this means we eat very late during the week. My husband gets home from work at 5-6 p.m., and our teens have track/football practice until 5 p.m., and if they work they go in at 6 p.m. and work until 10 p.m...They don't eat supper before they go to work because then we'd be eating without their dad; they just grab a snack and go to work, and we don't eat without the boys. On the nights that they work. I make sure that supper is done just about the minute that they pull in to the driveway, and we sit down right away. We all look forward to our family suppers because we always have a lot of fun and catch up on each other's days.
  • DonnaNo3: Every night we sit down and eat together. Unless we are at a ballgame, but we all eat on a blanket at the ball field, except the child that has to play—then they eat after. It is fun to sit down and eat with your family.
  • RedBlaze: My oldest teen is 15, so we don't have to worry about jobs yet. And the rule in my house is: You eat at the kitchen table as a family or you don't eat at all. If I can stand and cook it, they can sit with me and enjoy it.

Does your family eat dinner together? How do you make it work?


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