My Mom's Cooking Is My Favorite

pasta sauce

My mom's sauce!

My mom doesn't have a lot of variety in what she cooks, but wow, what she does make tastes amazing.

My favorite meal is her pasta and meatballs. Her red sauce is a combination of what her mom used to make along with her own add-ins. And the meatballs -- incredible. One of the many benefits of being part Italian.


Though my husband, who doesn't have any Italian in him, also makes a great meatball. Very different taste, but equally yummy.

It's funny, with all the great cooks around me, I'm not much in the kitchen. I like to bake, but with cooking, I've got a repertoire even smaller than my mom's and not half as good.

My twins are due soon and my mom is going to help out. I asked her to make us the biggest pot of sauce and meatballs and I will be the happiest postpartum lady around.

Who in your family or friend circle makes your favorite dish? What is it?


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