Costco to Accept Food Stamps by Thanksgiving

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Costco has announced that it will begin accepting food stamps at its warehouse clubs nationwide. This is a surprising move for the wholesale corporation given that, until very recently, the company doubted that consumers would actually opt to use them in the stores.

But when a food stamp test program at the New York locations saw a strong reponse from shoppers, Costco decided to begin accepting food stamps nationwide. By Thanksgiving, at least half of the Costco locations should be accepting food stamps.

Do you shop at Costco? What do you think about it accepting food stamps?


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momav... momavanessa

I do shop at Costco and I think it is a great idea!! Times are really hard right now and people should be able to stock up on food for a lower price.  Trader joes takes food stamps and so does papa Murphys pizza take and bake! So why not add another place!

auror... aurorabunny

I don't shop there, but I think it's great.  Places like Costco and Sams that offer larger quantities of food for bargain prices really SHOULD accept food stamps, it makes sense.

misss... misssheryl

I think it a good thing! because people with kids need stock up.and buy in bulk it will help a lot.  GOOD move COSTCO!

Lumin... LuminousMom

I think it sounds like a great thing! My friend back home was just telling me that my little hometown lets people use food stamps at the farmers market now, I was really pleased to hear that. Costco is a great resource for fresh meats, dairy, fruits, and veggies year round.. and THAT is what I think food stamps should be paying for. I'm not too pleased to imagine alot of the $$ will go to the frozen prepared foods section.. but in the end its not my business how people spend it. WTG costco!

mupt02 mupt02

I think it is great as far as allowing them to buy in bulk.  My question though is, if they are on food stamps, how do they afford the membership to Costco?  Think of the food and other things that money could be buying.

Midni... Midnite00

Well at Sam's they take Food stamps and the answer to how can they afford the membership? they work there. Really most of the part timers (me included) at Sam's get food stamps, because our hours are cut so we don't make enuff!  Wow ladies I shouldn't buy a few frozen items for the nights I work til 12 so my teens have something easy to make?  Most of the time I don't have that kinda of stuff but really don't think that I shouldn't cause I am on food stamps.........

troys... troysmom2004

I am thrilled that they will accept food stamps.  I have been saying for years that it would make sense.  I can't wait.  Costco will be getting more memberships to there store because of this.  Very smart move!!!

Whate... WhatevaItTakes

I heard BJ's is doing the same thing (another whole store) and I think it's about time.

i.hea... i.heart.rachel

I think it's a great idea. If people shop there, then we know they care about saving money! If they're trying to save food stamps, they are an aware consumer!

The membership fee is a small price to pay - they will save tons on groceries if they have a bigger family like we do. Just because someone is on food stamps doesn't mean they are SO broke they can't buy anything. They just get HELP with food, that's it. $50 for a year's membership breaks down to less than $1 a week. I think people on food stamps should be allowed to spend $1 a week if it's going to help them in the long run.

Celti... CelticFaerie

I doubt the workers at Costco are on foodstamps. Most of their employees are full time, they offer good benefits, wages averaging 17.00 an hour. It was started as a price club for small business in San Diego the first Costco warehouse was in Seattle in the early 80's. It has one of the lowest turnover rate of employees in the retail industry. Sam' s club is a division of Walmart and they have much lower wages, hire mostly part time workers so they do not have to pay benefits. The founder and CEo of costco takes home a modest salary. While the shareholders of Walmart sit back and take advantage of the American people while lining their pockets.

As for the membership fees. $50.00 is not that much of money for a year membership. Less than 5.00 a month. The savings are worth it and would pay for the membership quickly.

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