The Best Halloween Cakes From CafeMoms

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My obsession with Cake 101 has been well-documented in this blog. Today, the lovely ladies of Cake 101 have allowed me to "borrow" some of their Halloween cakes for your viewing pleasure. There's ghosts, zombies, and much, much more...


The Ghost Cake (pictured above) was made by Momajenv for a church auction. See more of her cakes on her MySpace page.

Jules531 made these Mummy Pops for her husband's office. They took eight hours to make. See how she did it at Julie's Cake Class.


These Halloween Cupcakes are the first cupcakes Pepsicola has ever decorated. She made them for her daughter's church class.


These Zombie Cakes were the first 3-D cakes that 2manygirls ever made. Wherever the fondant hung wrong or folded up, she used this to her advantage—enhancing the "zombie" look by making the "mistakes" into oozing wounds with dyed piping gel.


Merciermom made this "disgusting" Rotting Corpse Cake for a Halloween party. It's a spice rum cake and everything—from the chocolate- and fondant-covered organs to the gummy mice—is edible. Yum (I think)!


Jortiz1978 made this Ghost Cake surrounded by cupcakes for a Halloween party.


Mombrinda3 made these Halloween Cupcakes for her kids.

Halloween Cupcakes



Wow. Amazing. If only I could be so talented.

Thanks for sharing, ladies, and keep up the great work!

Which Halloween cake is your favorite?


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