Halloween Recipes: Spooky Drinks (With Eyes)!

Aren't these googly-eyed OJ drinks (from St. Louis Entertains Magazine) too cute for a Halloween party?


The recipe calls for black vodka, but I'd make them kid-friendly by skipping that step and just using whatever juice you have on hand. You won't be able to create the black "striped" look, but it doesn't matter: After all, it's the eyes that make this drink so very spooky!

Goblin Mimosas

Orange Juice

Black Vodka (optional)

Black olives

Cream Cheese

Fill a glass halfway with orange juice, then pour the black vodka carefully over the juice. (If you pour the vodka over the back of a spoon so that it runs down the side of the glass, it won't mix in with the orange juice right away.)

For the "eyes" use pitted black olives stuffed with cream cheese. Cut up one olive into tiny little pieces, and use those pieces as the pupils. Pierce the completed eyes over wooden toothpicks and place on the rim of the glass.

Do you have any spooky drink ideas for Halloween?


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