Owl Baby Shower: Whooooo Doesn't Love a Baby?

Owls are so trendy these days! The crafty, clever moms in Handmade Holidays recently brainstormed ideas for FarFromLifeLess' upcoming baby shower. The theme?

Owls: Whoooo Doesn't Love a Baby?

Do you love it? I think it's the cutest idea ever. Here are some ideas for invitations, games, food, decorations, and more!




  • I love these Little Paper Owls from Stampin' Mama. They would be adorable as a table decoration or as placecards for guests:


  • Carrie_Grace had some adorable ideas for crafts and decorations: Owl mobiles made with scrapbook paper and hung over the tables; Stuffed owls hung around the room; and this adorable Owl Garland from Moonstiches (baby shower themed, of course!):




  • Valerie0103 suggested "Whoooo's the baby." Guests bring a photo of themselves as babies and everyone guesses who's whoooo.
  • Vantastic suggested a variation of "Marco Polo." The mommy-to-be is blindfolded, and guests say, "Who" and see if mommy-to-be can guess "Who" it is! Then, the "who" becomes the next person to be blindfolded!


Do you have any more ideas for an owl-themed baby shower?


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