Oh, Leftovers: I Keep Meaning to Eat You Before You Rot in the Fridge...

tupperware When it comes to leftovers, I always have the best of intentions...

Usually, we have food leftover from dinner, and so I store the remnants in Tupperware, fully intending to serve it again for lunch or dinner (or breakfast!) the next day. But without fail, somehow the "next day" becomes the next day after that, and before I know it I have unidentifiable hairy stuff growing in my fridge. Do you ever have this problem with leftovers?


It's not that I don't enjoy leftovers (I know some families can't stomach them). Hardly. Leftover mac 'n' cheese for lunch? Delicious. Cold leftover pizza for breakfast? My favorite. And my husband doesn't mind them either.

It's just that sometimes I forget that the leftovers are even there. Or, I have a taste for food that I didn't just eat the night before. Or, quite simply, there isn't enough of the leftovers to feed both my husband and I, and so I end up cooking a whole new meal. 

I hate when food goes to waste! But I can't seem to be efficient about my leftovers.

Does this happen in your house? Does your family eat leftovers? Or do you avoid them like the plague?


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