Halloween Recipes: Deviled Egg Eyeballs

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Halloween parties are all about the costumes, but the "disgusting" food is just as important. Check out these Deviled Egg Eyeballs that Lilcutie79 served at a Halloween party. Ewwww...but in a good way!

Here's how to make Deviled Egg Eyeballs:

  1. Make your favorite deviled egg recipe.
  2. Top with sliced green or black olives for "pupils."
  3. Dip a toothpick in red food coloring and decorate egg whites for the "bloodshot" effect.

Have you ever made Deviled Egg Eyeballs? What's your favorite gross-out Halloween recipe?


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Lynette Lynette

so going to make those!

Meta Lhaid

I made "catbox casserole" once...it was a Jimmy Dean sausage & rice casserole. Pretty tasty actually; had cream of mushroom soup mix in it. I served it with a slotted spoon and it really did look disgustingly like a cat box LOL but it was yummy!

Loveb... Lovebugbaby

I am disgusted by olives... I wonder if there is something else I could use for the pupil? Because that looks awesome!

06-07mom 06-07mom

lovebugbaby maybe raisins? you wouldnt want to eat them with the eggs but it would look cool

Purpl... PurplDragnFly

I will defintly have to try that cause myu husband loves deviled eggs and black olives!! I love them too!! The catbox casserole sounded pretty gross but I'm sure it was very tasty!!! I will have to try that but don't know about serving it to my guests!!! They might get sick or think I'm a terrible cook and I'm not!!! LOL!!!

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