Healthy Halloween: Avoid Eating Too Much Candy

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halloween candySurely, you've heard of the Candy Banshee, right? She runs in the same circles as Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy, and her job is to help kids avoid eating too much Halloween candy after a long night of trick or treating through the neighborhood.



Mamastarfish recently wrote about the Candy Banshee in the All Things Autumn... group. She started this tradition with her daughters in which they would give the Candy Banshee their Halloween candy in exchange for toys. And so far, it's worked!

"The Candy Banshee is a fairy who needs to stock up on candy and live off of it for the whole year. She has special teeth and does not get cavities like us humans.

Children save only a small pile of their favorite candy and put the rest (the bulk of it) on the dining room table (or common area table) on the night of Halloween. Then the children call for the Candy Banshee to come and take her candy and leave a toy in its place.

So far my girls have been given toys for the past three years, and we have less candy in the house! (The leftover candy actually goes to work to be handed out to employees and clients.) My girls are 4 and 7 now, so it was easy to implement. My oldest girl questioned why she did not come years prior, and I explained that I just found out about her, so let's try it and see if it works!

I even encourage them to make up a rhyme to say to bring her to the house with a really cool toy."

Would the Candy Banshee work for your kids? How do you keep them from eating too much candy on Halloween?


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